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The Official BWF Highlight and Tribute Video
Well, much to everyones amazement the BWF Highlight Video is complete and ready for distribution.  You can purchase the video
in two different formats.  The VCD format is printed on a CDR.  It features stereo audio and can be played in many (not all) DVD players as well as all computers. The price of a VCD is $5 plus any shipping and handeling.  The tribute video is also available as a VHS tape.  The only difference between the VCD format and the VHS format is that the VHS format is in mono, but contains several bonus tracks.  Due to the time it takes to copy VHS tapes, the price is $10 plus any shipping and handeling.  Run time for the VCD is 68:50 while the VHS tape runs about 8 minutes longer.  For ordering information, please email me at