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Name: The Ralph
Hometown: Louisville, Kentucky
Weight: 245 lbs
Height: 6''3
BWF Championships held: BWF World Title, BWF American Title
Affiliations: none, except the loyalty of the fans and the power of my own
greatness and skill
Entrance Music: "My Hero" by the Foo Fighters
Finishing move: The Destroyer

The Ralph is the hero of the people.  A great man and wrestler who
has nothing except success and greatness on his mind.  A man who will not be
denied his shot at glory nor back down from anyone who dares to keep him from
it . He has won the respect of all around him, except for the mercenary
Dissident twins of Philly Impell and Stunning Stevie Stupendous, two of the
most idiotic and shameful men ever to set foot in the BWF. The Ralph been
verbally and physically abused in shameful and unfair attempts to put the
Ralph out of action . The Ralph has said on many occasions: " the talking of
all involved must be done in the ring , talk outside of it is cheap." The
talking will be done in the ring by the Ralph when these two disgraces go
down, and prove that honor will always triumph over greed and duplicity.

His objective : to become BWF champion and to stop the onslaught of the
Dissidents for the sake and integrity of the BWF fans .
His mantra : Honor above all else