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Philly Impell and The Fan
May 26, 2001

The following interview\conversation took place over AIM on the date above.

IMPELL: ralphy's pissed off again
IMPELL: and he pissed me off too
IMPELL: he pissed me off for the last time...everday i see that overgrown bumbling idiot, and everyday i get more and more angry
IMPELL: he's been a thorn in my side since the first day of freshman year
IMPELL: and i'm finally gonna rip him out and throw him away
IMPELL: he wants a fight, he's gotta fight
IMPELL: and i'm looking forward to ending his career
IMPELL: for the first time, for the last time
IMPELL: at the basement breakout
FAN: yeah yeah yeah
IMPELL: post that too
IMPELL: its me and him
IMPELL: one on one at the breakout
IMPELL: for the first time, for the last time
FAN: is it official?
FAN: Impell vs The Ralph?
FAN: i see, well ill post this along with my own thoughts and commentary on the matchup
IMPELL: who the hell does he think he is?,.....he put his hands on me in sweitzers room, who the hell does he think he is
FAN: clearly one side is superior to the other here
FAN: he is someone who has won a wrestling match in this BWF career?
FAN: as opposed to one who has not?
IMPELL: yes clearly one side is superior
IMPELL: he made a big mistake
IMPELL: and he will finally pay for it
FAN: reviewing his record vs yours, id say it is quite clear The Ralph is superior to youself
FAN: i think you have bitten off a bit more than you can chew...really, you should probably stick to the WBWF and let the Duke play role number 3 in the BWf
IMPELL: this is not about games anymore
IMPELL: this is not about your propagnada
IMPELL: this is not about the duke, or the champ
IMPELL: this is not about the dissidents
IMPELL: its about me and that idiot
IMPELL: philip impellizzeri and dennis o'neil
IMPELL: everyones saying i crossed the line
IMPELL: i make the goddam line and the ralph should be the one who steps back
FAN: everyone is also saying you dont have the record or the skills to back up your threats
IMPELL: and if he doesnt, i will make him
IMPELL: soemones gonna get hurt
IMPELL: and you can quote me on that
FAN: namely due to your 0-2 record...many are even saying that after the Breakout you could be 0-3 or even 0-4
IMPELL signed off at 4:21:35 PM.