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The Ralph and The Fan
May 24, 2001

The following interview\conversation took place over AIM on the date above.

FAN: So Ralph, we've heard a lot about something called "the Breakout," can you give the readers of this site an idea what might happen?
THE_RALPH: well , lemme just say , that many events have transpired over the last few weeks that would lead us to a point of mass colision where all of these rivalries will come to a head during one confrontation , that is the
THE_RALPH: it is the pinnacle of bwf wrestling , where if victory is acheived , then greatness is acheived
THE_RALPH: and although i cannot give away any of the fights , i can say that the animosity , personal and professional , in character and out of character , that philly impell and i feel towards each other will be settled once and
for all
THE_RALPH: if not in the ring , then in the street
FAN: Very cool...sounds very exciting, so we can expect Impell to fight again?
THE_RALPH: of course , eventhough i don't think of impell as a very moral or honorable person , he has proved at some instances to have guts , and i think he will summon that bravery and go toe to toe with someone , if not me ,
then someone else , maybe wrestling on the womens circuit
THE_RALPH: we all know he certainly doesnt have the stuff to wrestle on the mens
FAN: lol, well he might best fit there
FAN: being 0-2, i imagin he'll look for a win wherever he can find it
THE_RALPH: yes he would , you know that the record is killing him
FAN: well, sometimes the truth is painful, and for all the talk Impell does, his record provides a bit of a reality check
FAN: So Ralph, do you have any comments on the current state of the BWF?
THE_RALPH: i would just like to say that i think the bwf is in a very fine state
THE_RALPH: basically because control is out of impell's hands
THE_RALPH: because men like me , and like brian , and like the duke , and like the champ even , have stepped up and shown there true colors and have shown that this organization is not going to be dictated over
THE_RALPH: i think that the womens circuit development has triggered a new sense of enjoyment for the fans of the bwf
FAN: Oh yes, the WBWF is a very interesting prospect
THE_RALPH: and that the emergence of the medusa-brian fued will add a lot suspense to it
FAN: Can you say if Brian will re-emerge in the BWF, or is he back to being a mere fan?
THE_RALPH: i can safely say that , for now , brian is on the shelf , but he will not stay for long , later down the road , he will reenter the bwf , bigger and stronger than ever
THE_RALPH: and that the duke will not be denied his respect in the bwf
FAN: You bring up another issue though, what do you make of the new BWF wreslter, the Duke?
THE_RALPH: and i think that impell knows that the duke-ralph alliance will prove fatal for the dissidents
THE_RALPH: i think that the dukes emergence has long been awaited in the bwf
THE_RALPH: and i think that it will bring it to new heights
FAN: Now, you bring up something I wasnt aware of, there is an actual alliance between yourself and the Duke?
THE_RALPH: and that the ralph cannot be the only wrestler to fight for the cause of righteousness
THE_RALPH: well , as of right now , myself and the duke are basically brothers in the common interest of the people , we both fight for honor and integrity above all else , but as far as an alliance in the ring , i couldn't say for sure
THE_RALPH: but if the duke needs me under any circumstances , i will be there
THE_RALPH: and vice versa
THE_RALPH: and the future that we have will be decided at breakout
FAN: I see, interesting...a lot has happened in the BWF lately. Is there anything I have missed or that you would like to further fomment on?
THE_RALPH: i would just like to say , webmaster , that the rivalry that i have with philly impell is not over by any means
THE_RALPH: he loves to go over the line and make me angry and make hostility towards others a daily practice for me
THE_RALPH: and while he may be looking for simple humiliation , im looking for retribution
THE_RALPH: this is a blood fued
THE_RALPH: and it won't end until one of us is broken in half in the middle of that ring
THE_RALPH: and no one , not even god , can change that
FAN: I see...Impell will be gone for a month in a couple of weeks. What will go on in the BWF while Impell, the Duke, and brian are gone?
THE_RALPH: i must say , and i am being totally honest , that even in my meetings with the highest reaches of power within the bwf , that the occurences during that gap were not disclosed to me , so i really dont know
THE_RALPH: if philly impell passes anything along to me , i will let it be known
FAN: I see, I have the inside word that Big Things will happen, or at least so says my Informer, but these Big Things have not been disclosed yet...
FAN: Anyways, Ralph, I apprecaite the interview. I look forward to the Breakout where I hope you and Impell finally meet head to head and settle things once and for all, although I think that
Impell fears an 0-3 record to much and will back of luck though no matter who you face.
THE_RALPH: have they? well they were not disclosed to me
FAN: nothing was told to me
FAN: other than that Big plans were in teh works
FAN: and things will not be ignored
THE_RALPH: well , that is good news , i really must be going , i thank you for a splendid interview webmaster , breakout is coming my friend , we cannot avoid , me and philly impell , on a collision course for june 2 , it has always
been between me and him , good bye and god bless you all