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Philly Impell and The Fan
May 15, 2001

The following interview\conversation took place over AIM on the date above.

IMPELL: you gotta update the site!
IMPELL: wiht a new poll too!
IMPELL: that match is pretty over now
FAN: ya
FAN: well theres a problem there
IMPELL: oh no
FAN: if i do that, we loose all the comments
IMPELL: oh well
IMPELL: do whateve ryou feel is morally correct
FAN: anyways, another problem was I tried updating the poll and it wasnt working
FAN: so, im gonna work on it a bunch this weekend and get things in shape
FAN: but right now im trying to figure out what in heck i need for our portfolio
IMPELL: good call
IMPELL: your still winning in the poll
FAN: im a genius
FAN: what can i say
IMPELL: i have to post some crazy ass shit
FAN: you do that
FAN: you could try posting your record as you see it
FAN: that would be crazy
IMPELL: how bout i post a picture of your spinal column after the paralysis
IMPELL: or i could post a nudie pic of your mom
IMPELL: which she gave me today at ring ceremonie
IMPELL: what was the deal with that?
IMPELL: anyway...woooooooooo!
FAN: 0-2
IMPELL: how annoying
IMPELL: how do i post a message dummy?
FAN: on the message board?
IMPELL: ah yes, by typing
IMPELL: shut up
FAN: lol
IMPELL: woooo
FAN: yes! someone is using the message board
FAN: cool
IMPELL: who?
FAN: no one else has posted anything, last i checked
IMPELL: oh right
IMPELL: theres a shit load of messages htough
FAN: oh really?
FAN: cool
IMPELL: i'm actually doint it in the poll section
FAN: me hafta check then
FAN: oh
FAN: well
IMPELL: ya...that seems easy
FAN: thats were everyone else has been doing it too
FAN: nm then
FAN: you believe in proper puncuation eh?
FAN: theres a gramatical error, ya fool
FAN: haha
IMPELL: lol whatever
IMPELL: but i used a semi colan so it doesnt matter
FAN: no...there should be a comma before your "and"
FAN: Just for the record, I believe in proper punctuation, and also, I'm hung like a herd of cloven yaks.
IMPELL: no no that would be way too many commas
IMPELL: you obviously flunked grammar
FAN: lol
FAN: nope nope
IMPELL: i'm sure the informer knows what he's talking about
FAN: i am correct
IMPELL: the informer seems like a wise and well informed grammatical man
IMPELL: he posts alot in short periods of time too
FAN: it is clear why your record is 0-2
IMPELL: shut up dummy
FAN: three more comments?
FAN: yeesh
FAN: lets see what these say...
IMPELL: that informer is a horse
IMPELL: hung like one too, from what i hear
FAN: love problems? how does that fit in with the BWF? are you pulling mara into your storylines?
FAN: "basement addition may finally spell the beginning of the end for the omnipotent dissidents"
FAN: hmmmm
FAN: so when is all this announced?
FAN: officially and whatnot
IMPELL: these are just silly rumors
IMPELL: i'm sure the informer has a whole bag of them
IMPELL: take them for what their worth
FAN: well the informers a bit late
IMPELL: what do you mean
FAN: the website has been predicting the breakup of hte dissidents for some time now
IMPELL: and the dissidents have been prediction unparalleled domination
IMPELL: and thats what we got
IMPELL: we're not finished
IMPELL: theres still asses to kick and careers to end
IMPELL: and that is what we're here for
IMPELL: and whose gonna stop us
IMPELL: no one
IMPELL: wooooooooooo
FAN: when you say you all end careers are you refering to your own?
FAN: people with no wins have been known to have their careers ended by such a record
IMPELL: i didnt know rabbit rectums were that big
IMPELL: i certainly didnt think big enough for the rabbit to shove its own actual head up it
FAN: you are very adapt at changing the subject and making snide remarks to aviod the facts
FAN: i have the truth
FAN: i run the website
IMPELL: so why dont you pull your floppedy ears out of your ass, open your eyes and realize...
FAN: i am the fan
FAN: and by golly

IMPELL: if you dont shut your go*da*m mouth, i will take away your power to control your mouth, along with other bodily funcitons
IMPELL: god thats good
IMPELL: post that
IMPELL: i want some more asshole heat!
FAN: i control the site
FAN: and ya know what?
FAN: until you publiclly admit what your real record is, im not posting nothin'
FAN: not unless i want to that is
FAN: because I AM the Webmaster
IMPELL: post that!
FAN: I am the Fan
FAN: and I am the BWF
IMPELL: it was an interview
IMPELL: do your go*dam job!
FAN: ill consider it
FAN: whats your record?
IMPELL: with your mom? i never fail
IMPELL: ahahah
IMPELL: nor with your sister
IMPELL: wooooooo
FAN: oh thats too bad
FAN: no posting this on the website
FAN: its a real shame
IMPELL: post it scoot!
IMPELL: i'm not saying my real record is 0-2!
FAN: but if you were to say it, what would the record be?
IMPELL: well if you didnt take into account that i made steve submit 10 mins into our match, and if you didnt take into account the fact that i didnt really give a shit about the 2 on 1 and it was all a setup to screw you idiots
anyways...then 0-2
FAN: ok, ill post the interview
FAN: ive saved it
IMPELL: oh and the informer just told me that a new history section might be coming soon