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Philly Impell and The Fan
May 6, 2001

The following interview\conversation took place over AIM on the date above.

IMPELL: ha hi
IMPELL: wooooo.....i hope the site says that the dissidents are the most unstoppable force in the history of sports entertainment
IMPELL: with or without my idiot sister
FAN: your sister is praised as a hero, bringing fairness into the BWF where the Dissidents have tried only to win through deciet and lies
IMPELL: we've win by ending people
IMPELL: we're done toyoing with that bafoon, this saturday [edit: changed to friday], the champ will end the ralph
FAN: so where is this match to be held? at Triple S's place?
IMPELL: well my idiot sister ordered a no holds barred match, so its gonna take place in the champs cement basement
IMPELL: the dissidents will still do whatever they want to whoever they want, and this weekend, the champ is gonna prove why he's the champ
IMPELL: and this should be an interview
IMPELL: so post it
IMPELL: silly fan
FAN: ill do that
FAN: you refer to the Dissidents...are you ignoring the ban on your intefering in the match?
IMPELL: go*d***it!
IMPELL: i dont need to be there!
IMPELL: he doesnt need my help!
IMPELL: he'll end that baffoon on his own
IMPELL: that is why he's the champ!
IMPELL: and the ralph is always be a large intimidating, godawful scary...
FAN: so will you even be in attendance, as a fan and onlooker?
IMPELL: no no no, he's an idiot bafoon
IMPELL: ya i'll be an onlooker
FAN: allrighty
FAN: you do understand, when you say what you said, that if it hadnt been for your cheap officiating, the Ralph would have won yesterdays match, dont you?
IMPELL: dont really think he'll win do you?
FAN: he would have won yesterdays match
FAN: so yes
FAN: i do think he will
FAN: if all is fair
IMPELL: well then youre not as bright as i thought
IMPELL: ya see scoot....
IMPELL: it doesnt matter who, it doesnt matter what or where
IMPELL: it doesnt matter if my idiot sister forces herself as the commish...
IMPELL: it doesnt matter if the ralph keeps grunting abotu how he'll have the honor of the championship...
IMPELL: all that matters is that the dissidents ARE the bwf, we always have been, and we will be for a long long time
IMPELL: and no ones gonna stop that
IMPELL: no one
IMPELL: god i'm a genius
FAN: Did you know your personal record is 0-2 in the BWF?
IMPELL: post all that
IMPELL: where the hell do you get your information?
IMPELL: you are a drunken sot
IMPELL: if i ever hear those numbers again i'm gonna break your spine in 155 diffferent places
FAN: then would you like to state your record for the fans of the BWF, if my statistic isnt correct?
IMPELL: i dont have to explain anything to a nothinman like yourself
IMPELL: so shut the hell up
FAN: i see
FAN: well, ok...if thats what you want to say to the fans of the BWF, such will be said
IMPELL: screw these idiot fans
IMPELL: its all about us
IMPELL: the dissidents