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The Ralph and The Fan
April 29, 2001

The following interview\conversation took place over AIM on the date above.

FAN: How are you, The Ralph?
THE_RALPH: not bad webmaster , were you disappointed friday night ? i know you wanted to see the ralph crack some heads
FAN: Ya, i was pretty upset by it all...would you mind us going over the events of the past few days for the loyal readers of my website? I've been deluged with e-mails wanting your full side of the story. Lets start particually wiht Thursday, did you blindside the Dissidents like they claim?
THE_RALPH signed off at 3:38:19 PM.
THE_RALPH signed on at 3:38:23 PM.
THE_RALPH: absolutely not , its all a major fabrication
THE_RALPH: would you like for me to state my side of the story ?
THE_RALPH: i've already stated it in the postings , but i could recap
THE_RALPH: come on webmaster , wake up
FAN: ah yes
FAN: well, now
FAN: resuming our interview, it might be helpful for my readers to have a quick recap of what really did happen Thursday
THE_RALPH: its all very simple
THE_RALPH: the ralph was walking on the third floor of sheehan after i was going to the bathroom
THE_RALPH: when out of nowhere i was suddenly and deliberately attacked by both dissidents
THE_RALPH: triple s held me while philly impel banged my head with his backpack
THE_RALPH: i reversed the hold and broke loose
THE_RALPH: i threw philly impel into the lockers after i had beaten his head many times in self defense and frustration
THE_RALPH: then i took to kicking the back of triple s , i also strangled him with his backpack
THE_RALPH: but i , in no way , ever blindsided the dissidents , i am above their code of honor , which is to beat people up from behind and not give them the chance of defending themselves
FAN: i see, now its true that in the past the Dissidents had displayed violent actions towards you outside of the ring. Most noteably, 2 weeks ago before the date this match was scheduled for, the Dissidents attacked you outside of Mrs. Sweitzers room. This is true, correct?
THE_RALPH: it was simple self defense , and maybe a short amount of personal , if inadvertent retribution
THE_RALPH: of course
THE_RALPH: i was deliberatly attacked when i walked out of the room to my locker
FAN: yes
FAN: ok
THE_RALPH: banged into the lockers several times
THE_RALPH: and then my leg was beaten severely with a physics book
THE_RALPH: i am lucky to be alive
FAN: lol, well The Fan is happy you are
FAN: but moving on
THE_RALPH: and as far as i am concerned , so are the dissidents
THE_RALPH: thank you
FAN: so, the next day, although upset, the Dissidents still had planned to have a match that evening, or at least so they said...we all know that Philly Impell did not show up. What is your take on this incident?
THE_RALPH: it is all very simple in the perception of the ralph
THE_RALPH: philly impel has demonstrated major cowardice on every occasion that the bwf has come to order
THE_RALPH: it all began at wrestlemania , when he gave the ralph the nothinman and egged triple s into giving the ralph the knee to the balls
THE_RALPH: then laughing about it
THE_RALPH: then , the day before my shot at retribution , they ram me into the walls and injure me so bad that i can't fight
THE_RALPH: then , he tries to do it again and the ralph fights back and turns the tables and he winds up injured
THE_RALPH: i think its safe to say that philly impell has plenty of reasons to be scared of the ralph
THE_RALPH: and that is the clear reason why he didn't show up to our match friday
THE_RALPH: but i really don't blame him , if i were him , i would be very frightened too if i was gonna have to go up against someone i had done so much to , especially the ralph
THE_RALPH: and being the pussy that he is , im really not surprised at all
FAN: Allrighty, now that your match has been cancled twice, do you think this match will ever take place?
THE_RALPH: i think that there is some small fraction of philly impell's mind that tells him he is going to have to fight the ralph sooner or later , so he may as well get it over with , so yes , i think they will eventually face their fear and give the ralph what he has obviously earned
THE_RALPH: and later on , i'll be there to take what is rightfully mine
THE_RALPH: it will turn into a seek and destroy mission , with the dissidents as the objects of the ralph's wrath
FAN: They've already seen your might once when they attacked you. They have much to fear, imho. Thank you Ralph for taking the time to give us your insight on these issues. Do you have anything else you would like to say to the many fans of the BWF?
THE_RALPH: yes , the ralph is not the enemy for defending himself in the face of much duplicity and greed
THE_RALPH: he is simply doing what he has to do
FAN: Allrighty, well, thank you again for taking time out of your busy schedual to be interviewed.
THE_RALPH: if there is any animosity towards the ralph , i think it will be put to rest when the ralph finally does kick both their candy assses
THE_RALPH: no problem , all this will be laid to rest soon
THE_RALPH: thank you webmaster
THE_RALPH: i really must be going
FAN: you are quite welcome. the truth must be made known
FAN: I'll talk to ya later
THE_RALPH: very well