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BREAKING NEWS!!-Friday, April 27th, 2001-After yesterdays debacle involving The Ralph and the Dissidents, it was announced earlier today that a match would indeed take place at Cypress Hill Wrestling Complex at 6:30 PM.  This was a change from Philly Impell's basement once again "due to circumstances beyond the control of the BWF."  HOWEVER, come 6:30, The Ralph, Triple S, The Fan, and a large crowd was assembled, ready for the match.  There was no Philly Impell.  After a phone call, it was revealed that he "was to injured to fight."  This is in clear contradiction to what had been stated earlier in the day.  Indeed, this is the second time this match has been canceled and as of now, using yesterdays incident as an excuse, the Dissidents have no plans to reschedule the match.  Clearly, the Dissidents are terrified of The Ralph.  There can be no other rational explanation of today's events.  This leaves the BWF in an awkward state of confusion.  Will the Dissidents merely battle each other and exchange the title every week, or might they face their fears and give The Ralph the match that he has clearly earned?

Thursday, April 27th, 2001-One day before the rescheduled match between the Dissidents and The Ralph, both Triple S and Philly Impell were injured by The Ralph.  There were no eyewitnesses and accounts among the wrestlers vary.  The Dissidents claim that The Ralph smashed them into lockers in a sneak attack, while The Ralph claims it was self-defense.  Based on the prior violent actions of the Dissidents, The Fan personally believes the story of The Ralph.  It is not clear what implications this will have on the Number One Contender match scheduled for tomorrow, although an inside source tells me that a match is indeed still planned.  Nonetheless, weather it was a sneak attack or not, for The Ralph to cause the chaos he did 2 on 1 proves his dominance and gives even more reason for the Dissidents to be terrified of the force that is The Ralph.  See the interview page for an insightful conversation I had with Philly Impell over the days events.

Wednesday, April 18th, 2001-In a surprise announcement, the BWF announced that the TITLE MATCH that was scheduled for Friday April 20th has been canceled.  While the official reason given was that The Ralph was too injured to fight, The Fan has the inside scoop that it was actually Triple S of the Dissidents that called the match off.  The Dissidents have assured the Fan that the match will go on one week from this Friday, but at the time it appears like the Dissident Duo might have been spooked by the force that is The Ralph.

Tuesday, April 17th, 2001-The BWF announced that the match scheduled for this Friday has been moved to the basement of Stunning Steve due to circumstances beyond the control of the BWF.

Monday, April 16th, 2001-In an anticipated announcement, the Champ and his pal Philly Impell announced that they would join forces under the name of the Dissidents.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, the two announced that the BWF World Title, currently held by Stunning Stevie Stupendous, would be on the line in a 2 on 1 match pitting The Ralph against the Dissidents.  The match is currently scheduled to take place in the basement of Philly Impell.