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SUNDAY, AUGUST 25, 2002:

Dear BWF Fans,
     It has been about a year and a half since mastermind Philly Impell created the wrestling entity that has dominated the world-the
Basement Wrestling Federation.  The Friday before last (August 16), the long awaited BWF Tribute Video made its debut in the Original
Impell Wrestling Arena (see the Merchandise page for ordering information).  This past Tuesday, friends and fans gathered for a final BWF sanctioned match.  Philly Impell and Eric Edge, now both in the somewhat mysterious BWE, made a final friendly BWF appearance.  After numerous death defying moves and much high flying action, Philly Impell again proved victorious over everyone's favorite wrestler, Eric Edge.  Everyone then relaxed (more or less) in the pool for a final gathering before folks began to depart for college.  Now Philly Impell is taking St. Louis by storm via Washington University and the men once known as Vertigo and the Duke are at the University of Kentucky.  And while friendships will overcome these distances, it just may spell the end for the Basement Wrestling Federation.  Personally, I have had a blast in my tenure as webmaster and owner.   Thanks to all my friends for so many wonderful high school memories.  Best of luck to everyone in their college and future endeavors.  We'll see you all on the flip side and around the bend.  Remember, today is today, but tomorrow is tomorrow.  I look forward to seeing everyone again soon!
Your friend,
BWF, Inc.

P.S.  I'm sad to say that I still am not sure who the Informer was.  I also am not sure if it was a box or a bag.

SUNDAY, MAY 19, 2002-Reports of the BWF's demise have been greatly exaggerated.  A few weeks ago, the Ralph defended his title in a submission match against the Rockman.  Spectators claim that the Ralph tapped out first,  but the ref was knocked out and missed it!!  Rockman was soon forced to give in himself.  It was over.  The Ralph emerged victorious.  Now, this afternoon a triple threat match for the title is schedualed to take place at the Ralphyland Wrestling Arena.  The fans are quite excited.  In a match pitting Vertigo against Rockman against The Ralph, Vertigo had better pull all the stops or its over for him and his friend Medusa.  Rumors are flying about one Scott Bickel taking over as BWF commish-essentially giving him total power in the BWF!!  Even more exciting, if not troubling for some-there have been sightings of Philly Impell!  Once at McDonalds, another time at the Trinity Marshall Sports Center, and TWICE as he dashed through Trinity's Alumni Hall shouting "I'm the Champ forever!!"  Folks, this man is supposed to be in Kuwait finding himself.  This is a story that certainly bears watching.  Finally, for seniors, high school is OVER!  For others, its a matter of mere weeks.  You all know what that means-The Basement Breakout!!

MONDAY, APRIL 8, 2002-Well...what can one say??  Wrestlemania was huge, shattering all previous attendance records!  In all honesty, I am at a loss for words and thus will let the Informer handle a rundown of the events:

"It was indeed the biggest wrestling show of all time...a show that saw the celebration of a hero, the defiance of gravity and defeat, and the death of the dissident. Eric Edge and Justin Destructable tore into eachother like no other and after death defying maneuver followed high-flying spectacle, Erid Edge grabbed both American Titles, crowning Eric Edge, once again, the unisputed BWF American Champion. And in the main event, after hellacious bumps, cold pain trips through ice water, droppings on head, and unparralleled heart, The Ralph rose his hand in victory as the winner of the retirement match and as the new BWF Wolrd Champion. Impell hit Ralph with everything in his arsenal...2 nothingmans, flying splash, flying elbow, piledriver...and Ralph still kicked out. Impell had nothing left and had indeed burnt out.  With Philly Impell now dead, it is The Ralph's time as hero and as world champion. But one has to wonder, eventhough he lost and is now dead, after one year as the "god" of the BWF, did Impell reach his immortality? Some say yes, some say no, he's affected us all in one way or another, but the bottom line is that he's dead now, and The Ralph is alive and well. This is NOT the end, but inside sources say. Until next time?...this has been -The Informer"

The biggest rumors hitting the fans have dealt with the demise of the BWF.  A quick check of the message board will reveal challenges are already flying and plans are in the works for a Demolition Derby event as well as the second Basement Breakout.  In addition, BWF Entertainment, Inc. announced its support of the IPPL, the International Ping Pong League.  Details are sketchy, but all interested in participating are asked to leave a note on the message board.  Official rules, bracket information, etc. will be forthcoming.  These matches will result in World Ping Pong Champions being declared as well as other official ping pong belts being awarded.  Stay tuned for details.

MONDAY, MARCH  18, 2002-What a weekend! First off, in the hardcore matchup, the Ralph proved himself yet again as he dessimated the Rockman.  Extracting teeth, use of strangulation devices...this was not a match for the fainthearted.  Next on Sunday's card, there was a huge upset as the Owner, in his first and possibly only match ever, defeated World Champ, Philly Impell in a non-title match.  The match showed the stamina of the BWF Owner as he bounced up after each move.  Once, Philly Impell literally lifted Bickel 8 feet into the air before hurling him down on his back.  Impell turned around and the Owner was right back a hopin' on his feet much to the Champ's amazement.  The Owner showed off moves like the Original Elbow of Death, the Tornado Elbow of Death, the Double Elbow of Death, the Backwards Elbow of Death, and even the Knee of Death.  At one point, the Owner used a steel chair repeatedly against Impell after the ref took it from Impell.  In the end, a nasty elbow to Impell's netherregions left him down for the count and the Owner emerged victorious.  Afterwards though, things got heated between the Ralph and Impell.  Despite all Ralph had done for the duo and his carrying Impell back into the BWF, Impell cracked.  He declared himself the only Dissident.  Ralph was properly enraged and things appear hot between the two.

MONDAY, MARCH  11, 2002- Things have been strange here in the BWF lately!!  The tournament was held in order to establish the true champion of the world.  Pitting all BWF greats against each other, each match appeared to be an epic on paper.  The crowds were stunned by the entry of a mystery opponet-my own supposed bodyguard.  Now, it is true I hired a Mexican body guard, but I think was somewhat decieved.  You see, in his first match against The Ralph, the heavy favorite for the title layed down to this new, eclectic, dancing imbecil.  No one knew what to think.  Indeed, though, the bodyguard made it to the finals against the Rockman.  The Rockman showed a burst of pure energy, and devestated this forgein fiend.  A rematch had already been promised to the looser of the match and the next week a brutish match ensued as it became quite clear who this person really was-Philly Impell.  The Owner was enraged, but did not want to fire the champ of the BWF-itd be bad for business.  The Owner was also outraged and sick of the personal insults levied by Impell.  A showdown was immenint.  The Owner challenged Impell to a one on one match-the Owner's first ever actual wrestling match.  The world was stunned as they asked themselves if the Owner had gone insane...speaking of insanity, The Rockman challenged The Ralph to a match where anything goes!!  Its all coming up!  Wrestlemania is also coming up!! Stay tuned!

MONDAY, FEBRUARY 4, 2002-Well ladies and finally happened.  The fued between Impell and myself burst and I must congratulate myself on the victory.  The two on one handicap match, pitting number one contender Rock Man along with the special mystery man, The Ralph drive Impell off the edge.  Already stunned by having to face his former Dissident partner, Philly Impell couldn't pull out the victory, being pinned by both The Ralph and Rock Man for the loss.  The outcome left the title hanging though.  While Impell was defeated, there was no clear winner of the BWF belt.  By my order, a playoff system is in the works to award the title to a worthy wrestler.  After the match, Impell was in shambles.  He, for no reason, attacked me, his boss and owner of the BWF.  Fed up, I fired him on the spot.  Attacking the owner is a very, very bad thing.  Through my actions, I showed the BWF who is in charge.  Some felt I was merely taking orders from Impell, but I think I've suffecently silenced those idiotic critics.  In other news, Rock Man was humiliated in his match against Eric Edge for the North American title, not even being able to get in one offensive move.  Nonetheless, the Rock Man proved his worth in the next match, which was described above.  One must wonder about the relationship between Ralph and the Rock Man.  Surly it cannot be to good after each felt they earned the World Title.  Thats it for now.  That fool Impell has ranted some on the message board about his firing...ah well...The Owner and Master of the BWF and all Associated With It (TM) is now gone.

SATURDAY, JANUARY 5, 2002-The Revolution has occurred and indeed shock waves are still being felt throughout the Wrestling World.  We'll take today's events in chronological order for the sake of clarity-there is indeed a lot to cover!  First, ETW American Champ Eric Edge battled the BWF's North American Title holder, The Ralph!  Ralph had already defended his title numerous times in the past few weeks and he and Edge were filled with hatred towards each other.  It was a close match, but in the end Eric Edge prevailed!  The crowd retreated inside the old Impell Wrestling Arena for an earth shattering announcement by BWF Commish, Medusa.  It appears the owners of the ETW and BWF (the respected involved parents) have been concerned about the insane, dangerous moves being attempted in ETW vs. BWF matches.  They decided it was time to put the two leagues under the same owner to help calm the whole situation down.  In a move that has been predicted for months on this site, but gained little notice-The Webmaster, myself, was named sole owner of all BWF and ETW properties.  My lawyers had been in negotiations for weeks in this deal, and I am very pleased and honored that a deal was hammered out.  For now, I have made a post on the message board detailing the future of the BWF\ETW as of right now.  This announcement seemed to rile up Impell and is certainly a huge change for the two leagues.  It was then announced that the World Title match was to take place outside in the Impell Wrestling SkyDome.  The card pitted ETW World Champ Ravishing Ryan against BWF World Champ Philly Impell, but such was not to be.  You see folks, there was a quiet match held last night involving Ravishing Ryan and a wrestler who had been very quiet himself of Vertigo had not fought in months and was tired of being screwed out of matches by Philly Impell.  So, last night he battled for ETW domination and defeated RR.  Thus, he was the new ETW World Champ.  The glory was unpublicized and would be short lived as Vertigo was called to defend his title against Philly Impell.  In a spit of rage, Vertigo renounced his BWF name and thus fought under his real name-Mr. Brian Cunningham, defending his ETW crown.  It was a vicious match-back and fourth.  Impell used Brian's back to demonstrate a physics lesson involving torque while Brian demonstrated the downsides to having long hair.  In the end though, Impell prevailed-defeating Brian and claiming the title of "World Champ."  Remember folks, check the message board for my post on the BWF's future and watch out for a history update by the Informer.

WEDNESDAY, JANUARY 2, 2002-Welcome to the New Year!  Already the BWF is back in action with some great events having just taken place at the Nueman Centre.  On the card was a number one contender match for the North American title pitting KC "Spitfire" Nueman against American Champ, Eric Edge.  The Ralph was the ref, and decided it would be fun to interfere.  The match was thus a draw and a triple threat match for the North American title quickly ensued.  The Ralph fought to victory again, but got into quite a brawl with Eric Edge.  Needless to say, the two hate each other.  This Saturday, at the New Year's Revolution, the two will fight for the combined American\North American title.  Thats right fans, the two belts will be merged!  Impell's loyalities are divided-The Ralph is his Dissident partner, but as of late he has greatly respected Eric Edge.  What will happen Saturday?  The results will prove to be epic and will impact these two organizations for years to come.

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 23, 2001-There was quite a match on the docket tonight folks!  After a stunning tie in the No Return match between Edge and Impell last week in wicked weather, the two were supposed to join forces for a tag team match between ETW Champ, Ravishing Ryan and an unknown wrestler-rumored to be either The Ralph or retired BWF wrestler Stunning Stevie Stupendous.  The Ralph was not happy about Impell selecting Edge as a partner for a match and my late sources were indicating Ralph may turn sides too.  Nonetheless, Impell and Edge showed up to the Nueman Centre, only to find a strange sight-something fishy indeed.  According to reports, there were various fish scattered around the ETW arena, with one shrimp containing a letter from the ETW champ.  As you may recall, RR suffered a devistating knee injury at the hands of Impell (rumors say) earlier this year.  According to the letter, he is back and ready for revenge.  At the New Year's Revolution there will be a final, spectacular event.  ETW Champ Ravishing Ryan will take on BWF Champ Philly Impell.  The winner will be the undisputed Champion of the World.  There will be one belt, one world belt.  Some have suggested that this means the leauges, once bitter enemies, will merge to form one tremendous wrestling juggernaut.  Whatever happens, this will be big.  Stay tuned to this site for futher updates.  Merry Christmas from the folks at the BWF!

SUNDAY, DECEMBER 2, 2001-Its been busy folks!  The Iron Man match went down and what a showdown it was!  Yours truly was the special guest ref for the event and it what an event it was!  Eric Edge got a quick pin withen the first two minutes of action.  After that, it was back and forth-death defying moves, yet no one could secure another pin...until 5 minutes remained.  Impell, facing yet another defeat by Edge, tied the score at 1-1.  While the ref was wondering what happened in case of a tie, Impell fought with vigor for the win.  With mere seconds left, his tenacity paid off as he pinned Eric Edge with 4 seconds remaining in the match!  Impell remained champ of the world.  Medusa, however, has ordered a final showdown between Impell and Edge.  Details are sketchy, but stay tuned to the message board and this page for future details!  In other news, Trinity won its first state footbal 4A title since 1994 by defeating Male 45-19.  Congrats to the Rocks!

SATURDAY, NOVEMBER 10, 2001-What a day!  It all started when the commish, Medusa, first pledged her allegiance to the BWF.  She then, however, went to take the North American title away from Impell!  The plan was at first to pit Impell against The Ralph, but then Eric Edge stepped in and decided to battle the Ralph for the belt.  In a clear victory, the Ralph over powered Eric Edge and won his first title belt ever!!  The next match was a brutal epic as Impell went up against Eric Edge.  The ETW American Title was on the line.  Momentum swung back and forth and several times it looked as if Eric Edge was on the verge of disintegration, but in the end Eric Edge eeked out the upset victory!  Impell was stunned.   There is rumors of a rematch in the works as Impell has announced plans to put his World Title on the line against Eric Edge.  While this was a setback against the ETW, the BWF still holds the overall edge with a 5-2 record against the ETW.    Anyways, thats it for now.  Watch the message board for continuous updates!

FRIDAY, NOVEMBER 9, 2001-Lots of news! Lets get to it!   A few weeks ago, the Dissidents dystroyed Eric Edge and his pal Casey Spitfire Newman!  Nothing too unexpected.  The following week though, the BWF headed to ETW territory.  In a taped match from the Newman Center, Impell once again proved his dominance as he showed no mercy to Spitfire Newman-the ETW Junior Heavyweight Champ.   Sadly, the Ralph, in a close battle, lost to American Champ Eric Edge.  Things were delayed for retreat for a week, but we're now back in action for an epic showdown.   For the first time ever, it will be Eric Edge v Philly Impell-one on one.  The American Title is on the line although Impell didn't consider Edge to be enough of a threat to put his World Title belt up for grabs.  The Informer has also broken the news that there could be  a second match involving the North American title.   Details are scarce, but my sources say look for a Dissident showdown-the Ralph vs Impell.  Sources also say that this could be a cornerstone match in The Ralph's career.  In other news, very very strange things have been happening on the message board.  I can't really get into details here-you just need to check it out for yourself.  My only comment is that clearly the "AWF" is a fake leauge and poses no credible threat.  Im out.

SUNDAY, OCTOBER 21, 2001-Well, there's a lot to cover here folks. The fan's head is spinning with all the action going on in the BWF. First to cover old news, two weeks ago in the first intergender match ever in the BWF-Medusa handily defeated Impell. As a side note, Impell stunned the audience when he appeared in what we hope was some odd family kilt. Pictures to come. Now, with the match over there was a strange turn of events. Eric Edge appeared from nowhere, stole Impell's North American belt and then fled the scene. People were outraged! How can the ETW stoop so low-are they but a bunch of piratin' thieves?? A showdown was eminent. With Medusa as the established Comish, Impell's power base was almost gone. The new commish ordered Impell into a best of three match with his arch-enemy-Vertigo. It was the first match of its kind and despite weather problems it turned out to be a stunning match. In the first match, for the WORLD TITLE-Impell was DQed (a BWF first) by Ref Steve. However, pursuant to BWF rules, the title remained with Impell. In the second match, for the North American belt-Impell held on and thus secured his two belts. In the third match-one for honor-Impell was handily beaten and considering the stakes it is only fitting. This having taken place, everything appeared calm until...Eric Edge showed up again and snatched the BWF World Title Belt! He had now stolen the two icons of BWF glory! The Dissidents had had enough. They demanded a match-the Dissidents vs. Eric Edge and another ETW thief-BWF vs. ETW!! The battle lines were drawn. The fan and Vertigo are clearly behind the Dissidents for once as they take on this thorn in the BWF's foot. The Commish has been strangely silent on her allegiances and one wonders where she does stand. Impell taped a moving spiel in the TTV studios a few days prior to this earthshattering event. It can be viewed on the video page. The match is tomorrow, 1 PM, the Impell Wrestling Dome. It will prove to be an epic, one that will live as a highlight in BWF history. If it does not prove to be this epic...if there is an upset...then, well, the BWF may never bounce back. However, with the People's Hero leading the Dissidents and Impell providing vocal support it is almost assured that the BWF will reign supreme once again.

FRIDAY, OCTOBER 3, 2001-Ahh...well, Impell is now the master of all since he stole the WBWF belt.  Possibly, its the belt that best suits him, but that will be determined tomorrow at the Impell Wrestling Dome when, in the first ever inter gender WBWF\BWF match, Impell takes on Medusa. Medusa is the favorite to retain her title as she has utterly destroyed all the other women she has fought.  Also, last week, in a stunning turn of events-Impell has joined forces with BWF superstar-The Ralph-to form the "New Age Dissidents."  Already there are hints of dissension, and I don't think Ralph will be as willing to carry Impell as Stunning Steve was.  The Ralph, however, managed to get Vertigo rather upset over a whole ring stealing episode.  They will battle it out tomorrow as the People's Champ, The Ralph, takes on the errie and unpredictable Vertigo (who has been known to come out of nowhere!).  Finally, last week the Dissidents seemed to take care of the ETW as they literally buried ETW star Eric Edge.  However, the Fan has the inside word that the ETW will rise again.  Impell had better watch the BWF's back-the threat isn't gone yet.  Thats all the news I have for now!  The Fan is Gone.

TUESDAY, SEPTEMBER 25, 2001-Get your tickets now!  The BWF, once thought dead, is still hanging on to its dear life.  This Saturday at 1:00 PM the next match will be held at the Impell Basement Wrestling Arena.  Philly Impell will pit his skills (if applicable) and his mouth (which never shuts up) against a currently unknown number one contender for the BWF World Title!  Seeing as how Impell has only a record of 2-4, it shouldn't be hard for someone to wrestle away the title belt.  Right now, its between The Ralph, Vertigo, and The Fan\The Webmaster!  Thats right.  Yours truly, the man behind the BWF, might finally take center stage and show the world the wrath of the Webmaster.  No matter who the contender is, the event should be quite a time and will prove to be a turning point in BWF history-will the BWF fizzle?  Will it flourish?  I've even heard rumors that the ETW could make a surprise move come Saturday.  No matter, thats all the news I have for now.  Adios till later.

SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 16, 2001-Well, its been a long time and a lot has happened.  Lets get down to it.  First, after numerous delays Summer Love and Hate was finally held Saturday, September 8.  It was an event like no other and was something that no one expected.  Leading up the event, Stunning Steveshocked everyone as he resigned from the BWF the night previous to SLH.  The official resignation is on the message board.  The reason for his leave was due to definite problems brewing between him and Impell.  At SLH, Impell announced he efectivly fired Steve, but this is an abject lie-Stunning Steve resigned under his own recognizance.  More news quickly broke.  The Duke-set to fight Stunning Steve in a retirement match-was forced to forfeit again and because of that has effectively been fired from the BWF.  In a fit of rage while making these announcements, Impell also, for no reason, fired Justin Destructible.  The BWF was now 3 wrestlers short and had no Commish, something had to be done.  In his normal loud and brute fashion, Impell appointed himself permanent Commish of the BWF and canceled the match ups for the North American Title.  He then awarded himself the NA Belt along with THE WORLD TITLE BELT!  There was outrage among the fans.  What was happening to the BWF??  After these earth shattering announcements, the WBWF match took place where Medusa defeated Marage in a match of epic proportions.  Each then went on to DISOWN IMPELL!  Impell was now without any female support.  It appeared this was it.  The day was over and all was done-the BWF left in shambles.  But then...the lights went out.  Chaos ensued as Vertigo entered the ring with a deranged look.  He was looking for revenge.  It was a vicious battle-one destined to live on forever in BWF history.  In the end though, Impell won his second match ever and for the first time validated one of his titles with a victory.  His fun would be short lived however as Medusa took a steal chair to Impell-causing much pain to his vertebrae.  Nonetheless, Impell still claimed victory.  The BWF is in a state of flux now.  Only 2 or 3 wrestlers remain-depending on weather Vertigo counts or not (this has been subject to dispute).  The Ralph is still around, but Impell, as usual, doesn't seem to be in the mood for a fight.  Impell has taken his old habit back up of running around, screaming, "Screw you!  I'm the Champ(s)!"  It was through this, 5 months ago, that the BWF was born.  I look forward to a resurrection of the BWF and a renewal of matches-somewhen.  Despite the inactivity in the BWF, I will add audio and video clips within the near future.  Also the picture gallery will finally be established.  My sincere apologies for the delays.  On a more somber note, please visit the message board for our response to last Tuesday's tragedy.  May God bless America.

WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 15, 2001-Um, no new news...Impells is just buggin me for an update and seeing how I run the BWF and he must beg at my feet for updates...well...I thought I'd comply for once.  Well, In a match of epic proporations-the first tag team match in BWF History- Stunning Steve will face The Ralph and The Duke.  Impell will also be present as to make it technically a tag team, but with a record of 1-4, its more of a 1 on 2 match.  In other news, the Webmaster now owns the BWF-details to come.  Finally, a stunning and sensationinal semi-finals match for the North American title will also take place this Sunday.  Stunning Steve will be pitted against Justin Destructable.  It appears Steve just can't loose.  As a matter of fact, the buzz is that people are growing weary of Stevie as the Champ.  He has certainly mastered the BWF, but can anyone step up and knock him off?  Time will tell, but only when the clock feels like speaking will the results be known.  As you may recall, the first North American title match was held at Vertigo's outdoor entertainment center.  The Ralph defeated Impell as he fell on Impell.  It was quite an enjoyable match.  Well anyways check the message board for summer love and hate stuff...and the events page...check it all sick of typing.  Im out.  See ya.  (I'm being told that I am a bad webmaster-maybe certain 1-4 persons should reconsider their position as I control all the news coming out of the BWF-I AM THE BWF AND YOU ALL WILL RESPECT MY AUTHORITY OR SUFFER!)

SATURDAY, AUGUST 11, 2001- Well, a lot has happened this past evening so lets get to it.  First off, as expected, Impell's record drops to an abhorable and unacceptable 1-4.  Stunning Steve showed up late and was ill, but was still able to defend his title and remain on top of the BWF.  Speaking of Steve, is anyone able to stop him?  He has been the Champ for almost the entire exsitance of the BWF.  The Ralph put up a great effort, especially despite Stunning Steve and Impell ganging up on him, but still fell short of gaining the title.  Impell, as normal, talked a whole lot, but did next to nothing in the ring.  As a matter of fact, at one point, when Impell landed close to The Fan in one of his many falls-The Fan actually pinned him.  Maybe The Fan should have been declared the Champ?  If loosing the triple threat match wasn't enough embarrassment for Impell, events actually occuring before the match certainly should prove to fill the void.  You see, it appears one Brian Cunningham has toughened up.  He let Impell know clearly his feelings about Impell and Medusa and it was quite clear Impell was intimidated.  And just in case Impell wasn't scared, Brian went on to dystroy a visiting friend of Impell's.  It appears a showdown between the two will occure at Summer Love and Hate.  A summery of the night goes like this.  It was a pretty standard night for Stunning Steve-as he simply doesn't loose-ever.  The Ralph had a very decent showing.  Brian proved his worth by his fury and strength.  The Commish enjoyed officiating the match and preparing for a possible showdown with Stunning Steve.  And...well...for Impell, it is time to retire.  He has won only one match, and he would best be served taking a job as a commentator-talking is certainly one thing he can do.  A 20% winning precentage is not something to speak highly of and yet Impell continues to talk and babble about his greatness and about how he controls the BWF.  Its a very sad state of events actually-he just doesn't see that his time is up.  Philly Impell was given chance after chance and has continually shown his inability to compeate in the BWF.  Finally, a note on the Impell Basement Wrestling Arena.  After most renovations, facilities are improved.  However, the new PIWA has no seats.  Spectators must sit on the floor which has proved to be a rather dangerous spot.  Maybe Impell could use his retirement to spend time looking into upgrading his venue's facilities.  Anyways, I'm outta here-more news later.

FRIDAY, AUGUST 10, 2001-I have little time as I sit here in the office of the Fan during my lunch break. Of course, Stunning Steve won the triple threat match on Tuesday, but another match has been issued for tonight!! Another triple threat match is in order-this time between the Original Three. For the first time since the Dissidents formed, they will be pitted against each other. They tried to convey a sense that there was trouble brewing between the duo Tuesday, but I won't be as quick to buy this as I was last time. Needless to say, if they both merely gang up on the Ralph two things will happen. First, we will witness the lack of creative genius in the BWF and secondly, the Dissidents will merely embarrass themselves like they did in the two on one match where they lost to The Ralph a few months back. I have more insights and comments to make, but now its time to return to the wonders of AutoCAD and editing cross-sections for road work. See y'all tonite at the Impell Wrestling Arena!

SUNDAY, AUGUST 5, 2001-A few quick news comments.  First off, it appears the Champ is missing!  On speaking with Philly Impell, the Webmaster has learned that the Triple Threat match will happen as soon as Stunning Steve returns to the city. The problem is, Impell, whose leadership skills seem to be lacking, doesn't know when this is or even where the Champ is.  It would be appreciated if the Champ would check in on the message board.  Also, a new poll has been added and numerous new video clips including the long lost Breakout clips are now up on the site.  The picture gallery will appear by the end of next weekend.

SUNDAY, JULY 28, 2001-Back from the depths of nothingness, the website returns today to its full glory.  First off, several things are quite new to the site.  In addition to updated material with new video and wrestler profiles, there is material completely new to the site.  An audio page has been added that has clips from recent matches as well as some of the wrestler's intro music.  Addionally, a photo gallery is new to the site.  Also, as should be quite apparent-I reworked the BWF logo.  One of the most interesting additions is the inclusion of BWF themes for Windows.  Created by The Fan, there are currently two themes available for download.  The themes install backgrounds and sounds relevent to the BWF.  The first theme commemorates the insideous Dissident Duo.  The other theme celebrates the better side of the BWF-emphising such heros as The Ralph and The Duke.  Now then, there were definite questions as to why I took the site down in the first place.  Honestly, with the slowdown in the BWF due to GSP, I felt now would be a good time to do a huge update of the site.  With work and summer school, I had been lax in normal updates and hated having a website up that wasn't up to date.  This being the case, I felt I needed a good while to work on the site without having to worry about keeping it updated.  Thus, I pulled the site (btw, there was still a way to get into the site-Stunning Steve figured it out, and I was to lazy to change it once I saw how he got in).  I didn't announce the update because I wanted the new stuff to remain a secret, and thus gave no reason for the site's dissapearance.  That about does it for news on the site-if there are problems you run into, please post them on the message board.  Especially let me know if you have problems with sound as I used a semi-obscure CODEC to encode the sounds.  IN BWF NEWS-everything has been quiet due to GSP.  Philly Impell has been noticablly silent (see the message board for my comments on that).  Brian has been in contact with the fan-expressing his missing Medusa and generally wanting to return.  Before Impell left for GSP, there was a match scheduled between him and Stunning Steve that could have changed the face of the BWF, but alas, Stunning Steve's plane into town got stuck in Chicago and he was a no-show.  However, it was announced that while GSP was on, there would be a three way match between Justin Destructable, The Ralph, and Stunning Steve for the BWF title.  An official date and time have not been announced yet.  Well BWF folks, that about wraps things up for right now.  I'll be updating as usual when needed.  Enjoy the site!

SATURDAY, JUNE 16, 2001-Well, there's been quite a bit of news, and I apologize for not getting an update sooner.  First off, there were two matches this past Monday.  As everyone guessed, The Ralph was victorious against Justin Destructible , who, despite putting up a good fight, simply couldn't compete with The Ralph.  Now, the big match-Stunning Steve vs. The Duke for the title!  The match was declared to be a non-DQ match, and of course, Philly Impell couldn't resist his urge to interfere .  Impell and The Ralph both became involved in the match and in the end, The Duke was screwed out of his title.   It was too much.  The Duke called the Commissioner and resigned as a wrestler in the BWF.  BUT that would not be the end.  Marrisa declared she to was resigning, and the Duke was made the NEW BWF COMMISSIONER!!  So, while the title has returned to Stunning Steve and the Dissidents, it will not be there for long, now that the Duke is in control.  Now, the final show for the entire BWF crew before GSP was this past Wednesday.  In the first tournament match for the North American Title, The Ralph destroyed Philly Impell, avenging his earlier loss.  Additionally, Medusa battled Brian and won.  The deal is supposedly that it is all over between Medusa and Brian since Brian was defeated, although in reality that simply isn't the case.  Impell also "fought" Mara, although it turned out to hardly be a match.  Afterwards, Impell was claiming to have two girls, Medusa and Mara, although such is a mere ploy designed to hide the fact that Impell lost his match to The Ralph and is again slipping in the BWF .  Now, sadly, the BWF will be in a state of little or no action as all the major wrestlers aside from The Ralph will be gone, although Stunning Steve won't be gone for as long as The Duke, Brian, and Impell-who will be gone 5 weeks for GSP.

MONDAY, JUNE 4, 2001-The Breakout is over.  Impell has clearly been training hard, as in the hard fought, fair, match between The Ralph and Impell, Impell gained his first BWF victory, raising his record to 1-2.  In the WBWF match, Medusa claimed victory over CrazyChicaLoca and is now the WBWF Champ!!  Then, of course, the Commissioner appeared on the scene to make two stunning announcements.  First, this summer, there will be a new title introduced into the BWF .  The North American Title is what this belt is called.  Personally, I suspect this will play into story lines while The Duke, Impell, and Brian are gone for a month starting in a couple of weeks.  Next, though, was the major announcement.  The Commissioner demanded a title match between Stunning Steve and The Duke !!  This was a surprise match and was one of the quickest in BWF history.  After showing total domination, The Duke became the new BWF Champ, dethroning Stunning Steve!  The Dissidents were shocked.  The shame of this quick loss to a new wrestler far outweighed any glory obtained by Impell in his first win.  A rematch has been scheduled for this Sunday at the basement of Stunning Steve.  The Duke, though, has quickly proved his worth and the fan estimates it will be extreamly difficult for Steve to win back his crown of glory for the Dissidents.  Clearly, the Breakout lived up to its hype .  Bone-crushing, wall-smashing intensity filled the air, and the BWF has been taken in many new directions by last night's events.   A couple of aside notes now.  First, six new clips have been added to the Multimedia page although none yet from the Breakout.  Secondly, look for WBWF pages assuming the WBWF members send me stuff soon (hint, hint...). Finally, it should be noted that the Impell Basement Wrestling Arena has been closed for the time for renovations.  It is scheduled to re-open when Impell's hair straightens out.

SUNDAY, MAY 27, 2001-Finally, it has happened.  The site has a new message board that anyone and everyone can use.  Its a fairly decent board that will allow people to reply to comments and do other things-some of which I'm leaving to you all to figure out for yourself.  Also, a new poll is up and the events page has been updated to reflect news concerning the Breakout.  All 72 comments that were with the old poll have been archived and can be accessed from the Interact page.  Anyways, a week from today is the Breakout!  Cast your vote on the new poll and leave your thoughts on the message board.  New video clips will be posted before the Breakout, and look for WBWF sections to be added soon!

TUESDAY, MAY 22, 2001-Well, a lot has happened since this site was last updated.  As excepted, although he put up a good fight, Brian lost and Stevie Stupendous remained the BWF Champ.  However, afterwards, Impell and the Champ were given devastating destroyers by The Ralph.  Following that, one of the fans of the BWF, Alan, entered the ring and he too devastated Impell.  In fact, it appears there is a new BWF wrestler- THE DUKE!  Although details are sketchy, it looks like by his interference in the last match, Alan has entered the BWF!  The fan celebrates this move as the Duke has notable talents.  Furthermore, it would appear as if the BWF is phasing in a new wrestler. This  makes one speculate weather a current wrestler might be preparing to retire-possibly Philly Impell who is currently 0-2 and has not fought in weeks?  Of course, Impell will admit to nothing of the kind as he continues to chatter about ending the Ralph.  Blah blah blah...In other news, as first noted on the message board by the Informer, there is some event called "the Breakout " that will be occurring after school ends.  Philly Impell just started hyping this yesterday when he went around saying that the Breakout is coming.  Maybe he got confused and its really the Breakup of the Dissidents, or maybe it will be an event at which Impell will become 0-3 .  Only time will tell.  Also, concerning the website, a number of people have asked me to post a new poll.  This will be done rather soon, but it will erase the comments that have been posted I think.  If you want comments to be a permanent staple on the BWF Website please post them on the Official BWF Message Board-a place of the site that is found of the Interact page, but no one has used.

THURSDAY, MAY 17th, 2001-There's been a lot of news in the BWF over the past few days.  First off, at the start of the week, the Champ, eager for new competition, issued an open challenge to anyone who wished to fight him.  Indeed, one Brian Cunningham stepped to the plate and accepted the challenge.  The fight for the title will take place this Saturday at the Impell Basement Wrestling Arena.  This is a nobel move by the Champ in order to see some new faces in the BWF.  However, while Brian might have more brute strength than the Champ, the cunning skills and moves by the Champ should make him the victor.  If, however, Brian can pull the upset-which is a possibility still-it puts the BWF in an odd state as a non-BWF wrestler would have the BWF title.  Impell, when asked, clearly stated this was a one time fight.  A victory by Brian would indeed make things interesting in the BWF.  And then there is the continuing saga of the quasi-Wrestler, Philly Impell.  While its nice to see new faces in the BWF, it should be Impell in a match this weekend.  Impell has a lot to prove and so far has only proven that he is good at running his mouth, but when push comes to shove his 0-2 record says everything.  Finally, look for all sections to be updated soon.  On the Interact page already, there have been numerous new comments posted, some by the infamous Informer.  Indeed, the Informer has told me he might send a revision of the History page my way soon.  Likewise, new video clips and interviews will all be posted this upcoming weekend.  Overall, Saturday should be an interesting night.  While Brian is the underdog, he certainly could still pull an upset and such would leave the BWF in a quandary.

FRIDAY, MAY 11, 2001-Philly Impell was ordered to stay out.  It was to be a "clean" Street Match with absolutely no outside interference.  The Ralph vs. Stunning Steve for the BWF Title.  Two weeks ago, The Ralph defeated the Dissidents 2 on 1.  The week previous, The Ralph was defeated by Stunning Steve, but only due to unfair tactics employed by the special ref, Philly Impell.  Now, in a fair fight, with no interference, Stunning Steve finally proved that he is worthy to retain his status as BWF CHAMP .  Despite a valiant birthday effort by The Ralph, Triple S seemed to have everything going for him tonight.  The fan thinks the results from these past three matches show that there is a great deal of talent in the BWF-especially between Stunning Steve and The Ralph.  Both of the last two matches have been extremely entertaining, and while the fan had predicted The Ralph to victor, the fan has to give credit to Stunning Steve tonight for his effort and victory.  As for The Ralph, the fan doesn't doubt he is capable of defeating Triple S nor does he doubt that some day The Ralph will reign as the BWF Champ.  There have been 4 matches so far in the history of the BWF and the fan personally believes that it is time for some analysis of the talent.  Right now, Stunning Stevie Stupendous is clearly on top of the BWF.  He owns a record of 3-1 and has not once been pinned for the count.  Since he technically defeated The Ralph in both meetings one on one, it could be said that his one loss was the fault of Philly Impell, who was pinned when the Dissidents matched up against The Ralph.  Second in the BWF is clearly The Ralph.  Owning a record of 1-2, he devastated the Dissidents 2 on 1 in his first match.  He then lost to Stunning Steve only due to the incompetent guest ref who forgot how to count to three and the following week lost in a close, well fought, fair match to the Champ.  Finally, at the bottom of the BWF despite his constant hype is Philly Impell.  Impell owns an embarrassing record of 0-2 and hasn't fought in weeks.  For all the talk he does, he simply has to garnish a better record if he wants his oratory skills to have any meaningful impact.  The fan believes that the potential that Impell has is great though.  Impell is certainly an interesting character, but his skill so far hasn't spread into the ring.  Now that issues are settled for the time between The Ralph and Stunning Steve, the fan would like to see Philly Impell back in action in hopes of seeing a much improved wrestler who spends more time winning and less time talking, interfering with other matches, and getting hurt.  If this is something Philly Impell cannot do, then he might need to retire and take a position where is only job would be speaking on behalf of the BWF-something that he is talented at and something that would keep him from getting re-injured.  Nonetheless, with at least two superior wrestlers and one potentially talented wrestler, the BWF is in good shape and should be providing quality basement wrestling for some time to come.  Once again, the fan salutes the BWF CHAMP-STUNNING STEVIE STUPENDOUS and also salutes The Ralph for a good match.

SATURDAY, MAY 5, 2001-In the title match between The Ralph and Triple S, the Dissidents showed that their strife was a farce, merely invented to throw off the fans of the BWF.  In the match, The Ralph had Triple S well pinned.  Impell, the special guest official-supposedly impartial and on bad terms with Triple S-counted to two, but then stopped and would count no further despite Triple S failing to kick out of the pin.  Quickly afterwards, Triple S pinned The Ralph for a mere second and after a very quick count to three, Impell ruled Stunning Steve the victor and he retained the BWF title.  It appeared that the Ralph had been screwed and indeed he was, but there would be another twist in events.  The commissioner of the BWF, M. Impellizarri, announced that this next weekend a street match between The Ralph and Stunning Steve would occur for another shot at THE BWF WORLD TITLE.  Additionally, if Philly Impell interferes in the match, he will be forced to retire from the BWF.  The Fan was outraged at the way the match ended.  It was quite clear that The Ralph won.  The Fan also does not like being misled by fake arguments between Stunning Steve and Philly Impell.  The Dissidents showed that they are a force to be reckoned with, but not because of their wrestling skills-only because of their schemes and deceits.  To win fairly is impossible for the Dissidents, and thus they must engage themselves in complicated little plots as was witnessed tonight.  However, The Fan was very much pleased by the Commissioner's order of a match this weekend.  With Impell out of the picture, it might be possible for a fair fight between The Ralph and Triple S, and given this fair match The Ralph will most assuredly victor and take the BWF WORLD TITLE into his possession.

THURSDAY, MAY 3, 2001-As expected and predicted by The Fan, THE RALPH DEFEATED THE DISSIDENTS AND WILL FACE TRIPLE S THIS SATURDAY FOR THE BWF WORLD TITLE!!  To win, The Ralph pinned Philly Impell who, despite all his hype, now owns a record of 0-2.  After the match, Impell claimed this match meant nothing.  He tried to rationalize his defeat, but it was clear his ego was crushed by this devistating blow to record.  Meanwhile, there is certain trouble brewing between the Dissidents, and their loss only accelerated the strife.  Before the match, The Fan heard shouting and taunting between Triple S and Impell coming from the locker room.  During the match, Impell actually did a move on the Champ, and after the match the two were blaming each other for the loss.  This certainly puts an interesting twist on Saturdays match, where Impell will be the guest official in the title match.  Rumor has it that tonight the Dissidents were supposed to completely break up, but after The Fan guessed and posted this turn of events, the Dissidents made sure to keep togeather.  What will happen though remains to be seen.  One this is clear though.  The Ralph, through a hard fought epic battle, did the job and proved what I have been saying on this site for quite some time now-that The Ralph is the premere wrestler in the BWF and fully deserves a shot at the title.  This outcome also shows why the Dissidents were scared enough to cancle the match twice.  Now though, it is up to The Ralph to prove himself one more time.  He has shown that he is the best wrestler in the BWF, but he lacks one thing-the BWF WORLD TITLE BELT.  This Saturday, he has the chance to change that and it is my predication he will do just that.

Wednesday, May 2, 2001-Tomorrow is the day.  The truth will be made known.  An interesting revelation was made today by Philly Impell.  He announced that at Saturday's title match he would be the guest referee.  Now, this puts the BWF in a bit o' a quandary.  Impell has been insisting that The Ralph will lose tomorrow.  If this were to hold true, according to Impell, he would be forced into retirement.  This leaves only Triple S and Philly Impell in the BWF.  So, who would Triple S face for the Title...I personally still think things are up between the Dissidents.  These next few days will reveal a lot about the fate of the BWF and I, along with the millions of other fans of the BWF, wait in anticipation.

Monday, April 30th, 2001-The announcement has been made.  Assembled before the people of the BWF in Alumni Hall at noon today, Philly Impell made the official statement for the Dissidents.  He said that this Thursday at 6:30 at the Impell Basement Wrestling Arena the Dissidents would finally battle The Ralph.  However, Impell also stated that if The Ralph lost, he would be forced to retire from the BWF.  Such would be cause for mutiny among the fans, but we shall wait to see what transpires Thursday.  It was also stated that the official reason for the absence of Philly Impell from the scheduled match Friday was due to an argument that occurred between himself and the referee and thus he was detained and not able to make the trip.  Considering this is a complete change of story from earlier, I do not at all buy this.  One thing kept Philly Impell away from his date with The Ralph and that was fear.  Finally, Philly Impell made one more extremely important announcement.  In addition to Thursday's match, the BWF WORLD TITLE will be on the line THIS SATURDAY.  If The Ralph wins Thursday, he will be getting the shot at Stunning Steve's title.  If he looses, there will still be a match, but with an unknown opponent.  An interesting aside was noted during this announcement and through the remainder of lunch.  Stunning Steve was continually harassing Impell about his injuries and "not being at 100%."  The jabs were friendly enough at the time, but this is the first time I've ever seen even hints of strife between the Dissidents.  Might the Dissidents soon break up?  Will the Dissidents even exist by Thursday?  Only time will tell.  Also, tomorrow I will be posting an interview I did with The Ralph concerning the events that have transpired lately in the BWF.  This was done yesterday, so it does not include insight into today's announcement, but, nonetheless, it will be posted tomorrow.

Saturday, April 28th, 2001-Philly Impell of the Dissidents stated today that there will be an official response and announcement by the Dissident concerning Friday's happenings as well as future matches for the BWF.  The Fan sincerely hopes that the Dissidents will give The Ralph the match he has clearly earned.  In an semi-unrelated matter, The Ralph has posted his response to the accusation that he blindsided the Dissidents last Thursday on the Interact page in the area for poll comments.

Friday, April 27th, 2001-After yesterdays debacle involving The Ralph and the Dissidents, it was announced earlier today that a match would indeed take place at Cypress Hill Wrestling Complex at 6:30 PM.  This was a change from Philly Impell's basement once again "due to circumstances beyond the control of the BWF."  HOWEVER, come 6:30, The Ralph, Triple S, The Fan, and a large crowd was assembled, ready for the match.  There was no Philly Impell.  After a phone call, it was revealed that he "was to injured to fight."  This is in clear contradiction to what had been stated earlier in the day.  Indeed, this is the second time this match has been canceled and as of now, using yesterdays incident as an excuse, the Dissidents have no plans to reschedule the match.  Clearly, the Dissidents are terrified of The Ralph.  There can be no other rational explanation of today's events.  This leaves the BWF in an awkward state of confusion.  Will the Dissidents merely battle each other and exchange the title every week, or might they face their fears and give The Ralph the match that he has clearly earned?

Thursday, April 27th, 2001-One day before the rescheduled match between the Dissidents and The Ralph, both Triple S and Philly Impell were injured by The Ralph.  There were no eyewitnesses and accounts among the wrestlers vary.  The Dissidents claim that The Ralph smashed them into lockers in a sneak attack, while The Ralph claims it was self-defense.  Based on the prior violent actions of the Dissidents, The Fan personally believes the story of The Ralph.  It is not clear what implications this will have on the Number One Contender match scheduled for tomorrow, although an inside source tells me that a match is indeed still planned.  Nonetheless, weather it was a sneak attack or not, for The Ralph to cause the chaos he did 2 on 1 proves his dominance and gives even more reason for the Dissidents to be terrified of the force that is The Ralph.  See the interview page for an insightful conversation I had with Philly Impell over the days events.

Wednesday, April 18th, 2001-In a surprise announcement, the BWF announced that the TITLE MATCH that was scheduled for Friday April 20th has been canceled.  While the official reason given was that The Ralph was too injured to fight, The Fan has the inside scoop that it was actually Triple S of the Dissidents that called the match off.  The Dissidents have assured the Fan that the match will go on one week from this Friday, but at the time it appears like the Dissident Duo might have been spooked by the force that is The Ralph.

Tuesday, April 17th, 2001-The BWF announced that the match scheduled for this Friday has been moved to the basement of Stunning Steve due to circumstances beyond the control of the BWF.

Monday, April 16th, 2001-In an anticipated announcement, the Champ and his pal Philly Impell announced that they would join forces under the name of the Dissidents.  Additionally, and perhaps most importantly, the two announced that the BWF World Title, currently held by Stunning Stevie Stupendous, would be on the line in a 2 on 1 match pitting The Ralph against the Dissidents.  The match is currently scheduled to take place in the basement of Philly Impell.