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radiofan01: greetings
radiofan01: how are you this fine evening?
PAI226: hey ho

PAI226: i'm dying
PAI226: but you certainly got some action you rabbity rabbit
radiofan01: lol, whys that?
radiofan01: :-D
PAI226: ho ho ho
radiofan01: what are you dying from?
PAI226: my trachea is slowly collapsing in on itself
radiofan01: ah, well thats a bad thing
PAI226: indeed
radiofan01: i hope it re-opens itself
PAI226: thankyou
radiofan01: you're very welcome
radiofan01: and i do have some bad news, and i express my sincere apologies, but if Steve didnt already mention it, I had promised Allison a coupla weeks ago Id go to a play with her and this play happens to be next, make a tape of the match for me! I wanna see The Ralph dystroy some Dissident bundune...
PAI226: gasp
radiofan01: lol
radiofan01: sorry
PAI226: maybe we can move the match and hurt the ralph after that
radiofan01: well, thatd be really nice of you all, but you certainly dont have to do
PAI226: no we insist....ya see, we want all the nothinmans to be in one room when we end your boy's hopes and desires
PAI226: and then the champ will hold the belt in front of the ralph and then, the bafoon will know he is finished
radiofan01: lol, well ok then, cool...i apprecaite it, and the website will fully reflect the reason for this change, showing the great personalities of the Dissidents
PAI226: ha
PAI226: ummm
PAI226: screw the fans?
radiofan01: lol
radiofan01: hmmmm
radiofan01: screw the dissidents! Its all about the website!
radiofan01: :-D
radiofan01: which has gotten numerous hits by Assumption High School...woohoo
PAI226: lol really?
: are you serious?
: three actually
radiofan01: but all at different tymes
PAI226: woowowowow
PAI226: cool
radiofan01: and by different computers, i would guess...we're becoming THE SITE at that school
PAI226: whered they go?
radiofan01: i cant tell that
PAI226: i'd like to know how many hits my pretty face got
radiofan01: i can tell only if theyve hit the front page
radiofan01: lol
radiofan01: but of course and and steve are on the front page anyways
radiofan01: so everyone one has seen you
PAI226: ok cool
PAI226: lauran shoudl point us out to megan
PAI226: aahahhahahaa
radiofan01: whose megan?
PAI226: thta dirty jezebell who played me for a dipshit last year
PAI226: arrrr
PAI226: makes my ass chap
radiofan01: lol, i see
radiofan01: anyways, you can check out the stats for the site at this page:
PAI226: gnarly
radiofan01: woohoo
radiofan01: the media clip page is up!
PAI226: wooooo
PAI226: whens the play?
radiofan01: i dunno times
radiofan01: friday is all i know
PAI226: well you better find out
radiofan01: lol, ill do that
PAI226: your spinal cord depends on it
radiofan01: ill keep that in mind
PAI226: lol ok you better damn well do that
PAI226: it works on my computer too!?
PAI226: minus the ?
radiofan01: indeed!
radiofan01: im gonna repost the dissidents theme song though
radiofan01: i dont like the format its in
PAI226: but sincei have a slow slow computer, and i already own the video, i dont think i'll dl anything
radiofan01: ya, it could take a while
PAI226: but who cares!
radiofan01: most of the video clips are around 1 meg
radiofan01: the songs are about 3 megs i think
PAI226: wowow
PAI226: what does the "this site" option gonna do?
radiofan01: its gonna explain about the site and about the fan running it
PAI226: lol ok gnarly
PAI226: you are my hero
radiofan01: yep
radiofan01: well, i try
radiofan01: and i enjoy making webpages
radiofan01: its fun
PAI226: we'll harass more poeple into looking at it
radiofan01: lol, ok cool...btw, if ya get a chance, why dont you compose the history of the BWF for me?
radiofan01: since you are the creator
PAI226: lol ok
PAI226: ....i was sitting in a dark and story basement one night and i was struck with a perverbial bolt of lightning when i realized my calling in was then that i realized that i was one with the basement, one with THE was then that i realized that i could jump off the fourth step, fly thru the air, and bomb helpless victims on the ring below..
PAI226: it was then that i realized it was my calling, no my duty, to be the best, to be the god, to start...the BWF!
PAI226: ahahaha
radiofan01: lol, so is that what you would like to see on teh site?
PAI226: lol...well if i wanted to go with the egocentric apporoach...hmm...
PAI226: no we'll get a better one
PAI226: keep that htough...that was good stuff
radiofan01: ok, ive saved it!