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When the wrestling super-power that was the World Wrestling Federation
absorbed both World Championship Wrestling and Extreme Championship
Wrestling, there was left a huge gap in the wrestling world.  This gap gave
rise to what is now known throughout the world as the Basement Wrestling

The first superstars that graced the BWF's basement were then-fan favorite
"Stunning" Stevie Stupendous, and the man who crowned himself the first world
champion of all time, the hated Philly Impell.

Because Impell lived and breathed wrestling, he knew that he was simply...the
best, or so he thought.  He even went so far as to claim that he was indeed
THE BWF.  Because of this hated confidence and loathed arrogance, Philly
Impell could find no competitor deserving enough to get a shot at the title,
and so Impell turned down challenge after challenge.

The fans were obviously against Philly but he did not seem to care what the
fans thought; he believed it was all about him.

Finally, with the WWF's Wrestlemania PPV quickly approaching, Philly Impell
decided to finally defend the title for the first time in his career, but who
would he defend against?

Dennis O'Neil, not an official wrestler in the BWF at the time, and
"Stunning" Stevie Stupendous were the two competitors Impell had to choose
from and after weeks of toying with both men's minds, Impell finally stated
that he would NOT defend the title after all because he found himself to be
just too damn good.  This outraged both the fans, and "Stunning" Stevie
Stupendous, aka Triple S.

Because of this, Stevie took matters into his own hands and ripped up the
then-champion's accounting homework!  The matter was now personal and Philly
Impell and "Stunning" Stevie Stupendous would hide the long-time rivalry
between them no more.  The two would go at it for the title at the grand
daddy PPV of them all, Wrestlemania.

The match at Wrestlemania, officiated by "The Ralph," would prove to be the
match that the BWF needed to jump start the federation into overdrive.  High
impact move followed death defying stunt, but neither man would stay down.
Finally Triple S hit his finisher known as the Stevie Slam and secured the
victory and became the new champion.  Philly Impell was stupified and
outraged by the outcome, and even went so far as to deliver his finisher, the
Nothinman, after the match to the ref, "The Ralph."

The new champ seemed to be Impell's next target, but instead of cheaply
ending Triple S right after the match, Impell graciously handed the newly won
belt to "Stunning" Stevie Stupendous, and admitted that Triple S had indeed
won that night, and he was the new stunning champ.

Following this, was a surprising turn of events as the new champ Triple S and
the former champ Philly Impell, after developing a new respect for each other
after their match, joined forces and assaulted the referee, primarily the
referee's testicles.
The new duo continued to assault "The Ralph" and finally left the basement
with "The Ralph" crying in pain.  The new duo, later known as "The
Dissidents" now seemed to rule the BWF, and would continue to do so with an
iron fist!

The months following the first BWF event saw "Stunning" Stevie
Stupendous as the unstoppable champion and the Dissidents (Philly Impell and
Triple S) on top of the BWF. The Dissidents ruled the BWF however they saw
fit and embarked on a personal feud against "The Ralph." The Ralph yearned
to be the people's hero and the people's champion and he yearned to do so by
defeating the Dissidents.

After the Dissidents finally agreed to give the
Ralph a 2 on 1 handicap match, they announced that if the Ralph won then he
would prove that he deserved a title match and Triple S would grant him one.
After countless back and forth action, "The Ralph" shocked the world
when he won the 2 on 1 match by fairly pinning Philly Impell to earn a shot
at Triple S's title. Before the 2 on 1 match, the Dissidents seemed to have
some internal dissention among them, and this loss intensified their
dissention...or so it seemed. After the 2 on 1 match and in a fit of rage,
Philly Impell attacked his own sister who was the referee for the match.
This led to a series of events where Impell's parents, who legally owned the
BWF basement, appointed Impell's little sister, Marisa, as the commisioner of
the BWF. Things did not look good for the Dissidents.

Since there seemed to be dissention between the champ and Impell, and
Impell and the Ralph have always hated eachother, the new commisioner
appointed Impell to be the special referee for the title match between Triple
S and the Ralph. The title match took place on May 5 and with all the fans
watching, Impell revealed that the "dissention" among the dissidents was a
trick the whole time; a trick used to fool the fans and fool the Ralph. The
"impartial" ref, Impell, screwed the Ralph and Triple S remained the
champion. The Dissidents were undoubtedly on top of the BWF.

This screwjob prompted the commisioner to order a rematch between
"Stunning" Stevie Stupendous and "The Ralph," but if Impell interfered he
would be fired from the BWF! Also, this match would be no holds barred! The
match took place May 11 and in front of the whole world, Triple S fairly
defended the title and defeated the Ralph in the middle of the ring, proving
he was on top of the BWF.

With Triple S seemingly without any more competition, he issued an
open challenge. This challenge was accepted by one Brian Cunningham who was
then squashed in his very first wrestling match by the BWF Champion,
"Stunning" Stevie Stupendous. Philly Impell, as always, got his licks in as
well. One man took great offense to this. This man and Philly Impell had
seemed to be at eachother's throats since the beginning of time. This man
was "The Ralph." The Ralph tried to come to Brian Cunningham's aid but was
quickly overtaken by the Dissidents. With Triple S holding up the Ralph for
some sweet chin music by Impell, a new man came to the Ralph's aid. In a
surprising turn of events, Alan Boucher powerbombed Philly Impell while the
Ralph destroyed both the champ Triple S and Impell. The dissidents seemed to
have new opposition.

The next event would be the biggest event in BWF history, that being
the Basement Breakout. The Breakout saw the first ever WBWF Champion crowned
in Medusa, and also saw the very personal feud finally come to an end between
Philly Impell and "The Ralph." This blood feud could not get any more real
and it finally came to a close when Impell proved what kind of a wrestler he
was when he narrowly defeated the Ralph for his first victory. The Breakout
also saw a surprise annoucement by the commisioner. The annoucement was that
there would be a surprise world title match that very night! And the number
one contender was..."The Duke" Alan Boucher! An unprepared Triple S was
quickly defeated with a powerbomb by the Duke which got the entire wrestling
world turning. Although Impell bested the Ralph, "Stunning" Stevie
Stupendous had lost his title in controversial fashion to "Duke" Alan
Boucher. The dissidents were dealt their first major blow going into the
heat of the summer.


The summer of the BWF would bring love, hate, and betrayal.  It all started off with a rematch between then-champion "Duke" Alan Boucher and former champ "Stunning" Stevie Stupendous.  This match, which crowned the undisputed BWF champion was also won in controverisal fashion when Impell nothingmanned The Duke which allowed Triple S to gain the pinfall, and regain the BWF title.  Following the event, which saw "The Ralph" pin the newcomer, Justin Destructable, The Duke made a stirring announcement when he made a phone call to then-commish, Marisa Impellizzeri, and retired from his short wrestling career on account of The Dissidents.  Marisa, also making a stirring announcement, said she too would retire from her post as commish and she offered the job to The Duke.  The Duke accepted and vowed once again to take out The Dissidents and Triple S, the BWF Champion.

The next BWF event would be the last one before many of the BWF superstars departed to GSP for a full month and it would be held outside one Brian Cunningham's appartment complex.  This event was sure to be big, and it was as the crazed girlfriend of Mr. Cunningham, the WBWF Champion Medusa, would participate in a stirring chain of events.  It was no secret that Medusa was mighty displeased with Brian's humiliating loss to Triple S and that she was all around disappointed with Brian's lack of machismo.  It was also no secret that Medusa had been eyeing Philly Impell for quite some time, so at this last event before GSP, Medusa challenged Brian to a match to prove his machismo.  Also on the card was the first match of the tournament to crown the first ever BWF North American Champion, one which saw the people's hero, The Ralph, upset the one and only Philly Impell.  Also, which may have been an attempt to harm The Dissidents, The Commish, Alan Boucher, ordered Impell to fight his own girlfriend, Mara, a contest which ended when Mara and Impell began making out and foiling the commish's plans.

The real story was when Medusa beat the living hell out of Brian with the help of Philly Impell.  Medusa gained the victory over her then-boyfriend and in an unbelievable and twisted chain of events, dumped her former love, Brian, to join both Impell AND Mara.  This sick threesome began their love making and heartbreaking that very day and would continue to do so through the course of GSP, leaving Brian a lost, hopeless, heartbroken, and manical mess.

After all returned from GSP, Brian Cunningham's anger, depression, and heartbreak from the previous event grew and grew until finally he could not take it anymore.  What used to be a gentle and somewhat clumsy man, dubbed a penis wrinkle by the cruel Impell, turned into an angry and vengeful monster.  However, some still thought that he loved Medusa.  This new monster first changed his name to Vertigo and then made a fear-inspiring speech stating to all how he now lived to end Philly Impell and to perhaps regain Medusa.  His first victim was Impell's best friend visiting from South Carolina named Bryan Crawford.  Vertigo's next victim was targeted to be Philly Impell.

On another front, the commish of the BWF continued in his attempts to take out  The Dissidents, primarily the BWF Champion.  He contiuously ordered the champ to defend the belt in triple threat matches, one against both Justin Destructable and "The Ralph," and another against the original three:  Triple S vs Impell vs Ralph.  This triple threat match caused a legitamite riff between The Dissidents, one which would soon rip them apart.  Triple S overcame the commish's orders and retained his title in both matches.  The first ever tag team match was also scheduled to take place over the summer between The Dissidents vs The Duke and The Ralph.  However, when The Duke failed to show up for unknown reasons, The Ralph was left on his own and The Dissidents won by forfeit.  After the commish, Alan Boucher, ruled that Triple S could not compete in the North American Championhsip tournament against Justin Destructable since Triple S already had a belt, Triple S challenged The Duke to come out of retirement in a match putting both men's careers on the line and which would also be for the world championship and the commisionership.  The Duke accepted to the delight of the fans and the match was scheduled to take place at the biggest event in BWF history, an event to cap off the summer, Summer Love and Hate.

Summer Love and Hate was anything but predictable.  It would be an event where Vertigo would finally get his hands on Philly Impell in a sanctioned one on one match-up.  The event would also have the finals of the North American Championship tournament when The Ralph and Justin Destructable would cap off their feud in a one on one match-up for the belt.  Also, in a battle to determine which of Impell's women was more domineering, Medusa defeated Mara for the WBWF Championship in sexy controversial fashion.  However, the only other scheduled match that took place was the epic Vertigo vs Impell.  The events that transpired are confusing to say the least but I will try to relay them to you...

First of all, right before Summer Love and Hate, Impell received a fax from then-commish The Duke, stating that he would be unable to compete at SLH as a result of injuries he sustained from the nothingman he took from Impell when he lost the title to Triple S.  He would have to forfeit his retirement match with Triple S which would make Triple S still the BWF Champion.  But, before he forfeited, The Duke made a decree that since he could not be at SLH, a temporoary commish needed to be assigned and The Duke had no choice but to appoint Impell as that commish-for-the-day.  The Duke seemed to have given up to The Dissidents, and Impell's first act as temporary commish was to appoint him permanent commish.  However, there is more...apparently, the tension between The Dissidents had grown and grown behind the scenes, even to a breaking point, and at SLH, The Dissidents found their breaking point.  In a soliloquy by Impell, he stated that Triple S had been riding on his coat tails for too long and Steve was only the champ because Impell allowed it.  Triple S never showed up to SLH thta day for unknown reasons, so as the commish of the BWF, Impell stripped Steve of the belt and then fired the the former Stunning one just like that (snaps).  As the commish of the BWF, Impell then awarded himself the world championship, much like he had done months before.  Triple S' career had come to an abrubt crash.  Then, for no real reason, perhaps out of fear, Impell fired Justin Destructable, who also never showed up to SLH.  Since one of the participants of the finals of the North American Championship tournament was no longer employed by the BWF, Commish Impell then appointed himself the new and first North American Champion.  Finally, with all that aside, Impell said he would put his new world championship on the line against Vertigo that very night at SLH.  With those words said, the lights went out in the arena, and ! Vertigo made his eerie entrance.

In a match reffed by what would later be revealed as ETW's (Extreme Trampoline Wrestling) Eric Edge, a true epic took place.  In a match that showed the love Vertigo had for Medusa, he used that betrayed love to beat the living hell out of Philly Impell.  Impell, showing more fear than he had ever shown, somehow fought back and when the bell rang, it was a result of Impell tombstoning the 200 plus pound, 6 foot 4 Vertigo.  Impell had somehow come up with the victory and had beaten Vertigo.  After the match, Impell ordered his woman, Medusa to take Vertigo out with a chair, but in a stunning show of her true love, she instead bashed Impell and reunited with her true love, Vertigo.

Summer Love and Hate ended what was a roller coaster ride of a summer, and Impell, although two women short after he and Mara also broke up, was up two belts.  He was what he said he was, the champs (plural) and he was also the commish and he seemed to have full control of the BWF with the diminished amount of wrestlers since he fired alot of them.  However, the threat from Vertigo was still there, and the threat of the ETW was looming on the horizon as the BWF entered into the fall season.


As the months progressed, it became clear that ETW was much more than a was an extreme organization that could spell the end for the BWF
for all time.  The initial infiltration of the BWF by ETW came at Summer Love
and Hate when ETW American Champion, Eric Edge, reffed the main event.
Following this event, Edge showed up at the very next show even after BWF
kingpin, Philly Impell, warned him not to.  This event pitted Impell against
his former archrival, "The Ralph."  Impell had full control of the BWF at
this time, as he was the commish, the World Champion, and the self-proclaimed
North American Champion, so with this power, he ordered that only his North
American belt would be on the line, deeming Ralph as not World Championship
material.  The ending of this comical match, reffed by the recovered
"Vertigo," was the real story as Impell picked up the victory after Vertigo
accidentally cold-cocked Ralph.  This prompted Ralph to do the
unthinkable...he turned on his long time fans and threw away his hero status
by attacking Vertigo and verbally assaulting all fans in attendance.
Claiming that the fans had never helped him accomplish anything as he had no
belts to show for his BWF career thus far, he pledged his allegiance to
Philly Impell.  This duo called themselves the New Age Dissidents, a group
which seemed to have a death grip on the BWF...except for the ETW threat.
Following Ralph's shocking turn, the new formed duo attacked the ETW
superstar, Eric Edge and gained the upper hand that night, leaving Edge
unconsious on the BWF ring with a warning to never show his face again.

   Following the formation of the New Age Dissidents, Impell actually stole
the WBWF Championship belt from champion "Medusa!"  He then incessantly
proclaimed he had three belts!  Still sour over the events of the summer,
Medusa challenged Impell to a match where Impell actually competed in a
skirt, with bra and panties!  Impell, cocky as ever, stated that if he won he
would be crowned the Women's BWF Champion, but if he lost, he would forfeit
the commissionership to Medusa.  Prior to this match, the newly turned Ralph
went one on one with Vertigo in a feud that began when Vertigo cold-cocked
Ralph.  Although Ralph won this match, little was decided as Ralph actually
escaped from this match and stole Vertigo's ring that was given to him as a
heart-felt gift from his lover Medusa!  That feud was far from over.  But the
match which was as bizzare as bizzare could get followed as Impell actually
lost to Medusa when the returning Eric Edge, disguised as a BWF camera man,
blindsided Impell and declared a formal war on the BWF!  With this win,
Medusa became the commissioner of the BWF!  Impell was outraged as Eric Edge
had struck a hard blow to the BWF and had also stolen Impell's World Title
belt.  Power seemed to be slipping away from the New Age Dissidents.

   As the new commissioner of the BWF, Medusa ordered her first match a 2 out
of 3 falls match pitting Impell against Vertigo, one more time.  The first
fall would be for the North American Championship held by Impell, the second
for the World Championship held by Impell, and the third for respect.  The
first fall ended in disqualification which cost Impell the fall but kept him
the N-A title as titles can not change hands by disqualification.  The second
fall was won by Impell and tied the match at 1-1 and also kept him the World
Championship.  The third fall, for respect, was full of intense action, but
when the bell sounded, Vertigo's hand was raised after Edge appeared out of
nowhere and cost Impell ANOTHER match.  Vertigo then clobbered The Ralph and
retook his ring and finished his feud with the New Age Dissidents.

   The New Age Dissidents and the BWF now had no chioce but to acknowledge
the ETW threat, rally the BWF troops, and declare war on ETW.  And declare
war they did.  The ETW claimed they would not put up with the tyranny in the
BWF and would put a stop to the whole organization and take their spots as
the number one wrestling company in the world, whereas the BWF obviously
vehemently and belligerently opposed this idea.  The war was started in a tag
team match sanctioned by both the BWF and ETW when the New Age Dissidents
took on both Eric Edge and ETW Junior Heavyweight Champion, KC "Spitfire"
Newman.  The ETW team was originally scheduled to consist of American
Champion, Eric Edge, and ETW World Champion, "Ravishing" Ryan, but in a
cowardly display, the New Age Dissidents caused the ravishing one's knee to
fall off in a cheap attack the night previous to the tag match.  The BWF
gained the upperhand and went on to win the tag team match.

   Undaunted, the ETW fought back when KC Newman challenged Impell to a BWF
World Championship match and Ralph, in turn, challenged Eric Edge to an
American Championship match.  All parties accepted the challenged, and the
matches would take place on ETW home terf for the first time ever.  After the
smoke had cleared, the bitter battle saw Philly Impell and Eric Edge emerge
victorious, but ceretainly not without battle wounds.  It seemed to be time
for Edge and Impell to finally meet one on one, and they did indeed meet,
although Impell seemed hesitant.  For the first time ever, all BWF fans
seemed to be behind Impell in his noble quest to protect HIS wrestling
federation from outside invasion.  Although BWF fans were behind Impell, that
did not stop Commish Medusa from stripping him of the North American belt,
which Impell had bestowed upon himself, and re-hold the tournament finals
that should have taken place at Summer Love and Hate between The Ralph and
Justin Destrucable.  However, with Destructable not present, any challenger
could challenge The Ralph to crown the new N-A Champion.  The man who stepped
forth was Eric Edge, and in a moving moment, The Ralph captured his first BWF
title in the BWF North American Championhip.

   Directly following The Ralph's win, Impell and Edge went one on one for
the first time ever in an ingenius wrestled match but even the best fans of
the BWF could not keep Impell from being pinned, 1-2-3, in Impell and Edge's
first enounter which was only for the ETW American Championship.  Edge
retained and this victory seemed to turn the tide, and made Impell even
question himself, and his abilities.  He could not live with himself...he
needed redemption...for himself, and even for the BWF fans.

   Impell, noticably shaken, then challenged Edge to an Iron Man Match, a 30
minute competition where the wrestler with the most number of desicions would
emerge victorious.  Impell went so far as to put his own BWF World
Championship on the line.  In perhaps the best match ever, Impell finally got
his redemption and beat Edge 2 falls to 1 and retained his belt.  The fans
called for a third match between these awesome superstars, and Commish Medusa
and ETW official, Keith Kanuck, would make the final call and order a KY
Death Match where pinfalls count anywhere, and the match would take place in
the ETW trampoline, with the BWF ring right beside it.  Furthermore, BOTH the
ETW American Championsihp and the BWF World Championship would be up for
grabs!  This would be the deciding bout and in the harshest conditions pouring sleet, freezing temperatures, and a dour mood and
atmosphere, Edge and Impell tore into eachother for the third time.  By the
end of the match, which saw both wrestlers take unbelievable falls, both men
were exhauasted and could not rise to their feet.  Both superstars were
counted out and the match was a draw.  However, this match was a testament to
the true superstar status of both men, and both men found a sort of
surprising respect for eachother.

  Also during this time, "The Ralph" and the Spitfire both embarked on a
bitter feud over Ralph's BWF North American Championship.  Although the
Spitfire certainly got his licks in, Ralph finally sent Spitfire to rock
bottom when he executed the destroyer on young KC Newman in their third
official contest to retain his title.  The first contest went to Ralph via
forfeit, and the second went to Spitifre via disqulification as Ralph
unmercifully used a chair on his prone opponent.  When the smoke cleared,
Ralph was still the North American Champion, even after a triple threat match
which pitted "The Ralph" vs Eric Edge vs KC "Spitfire" Newman, which was
brought about when both Edge and Spitfire wrestled to a tie for a shot at
Ralph's belt when Ralph attacked them both, claiming he wanted to meet them
both in a triple threat match and hurt them all and prove he was the best in
North America.

   Following his bitter wars with Eric Edge and following the Thanksgiving
Showdown, Impell was challenged to a tag team match by the man he had put out
of action who was feeling over-looked, the ETW World Champion, "Ravishing"
Ryan and his partner, Lance Phoenix.  Everyone assumed Impell would pick his
partner, "The Ralph," as his tag team partner, but instead, he picked Eric
Edge!  As Impell seemed to be returnign to his old ruthless self, Edge
accepted Impell's offer to the dismay of the Ralph.  However, Ryan and
Phoenix never showed and instead offered a challenge to Impell...BWF World
Champion vs ETW World champion...Philly Impell vs "Ravhsihing"
Ryan.  Impell immidiately accepted and the match was set for the New Years
Revolution...the bigget event in BWF history.  Impell claimed to be the only
true world's champion, and in a stirring annoucement previous to the match,
he claimed Ryan would never take that away from him, because Impell was born
to be the champ.  Also signed for the match was a unification match for the
BWF North American Championship and ETW American Championship which was to
finally settle the schore between Eric Edge and Ralph.

       The New Years Revolution was indeed a revolution.  Following a bizzare
Animal Wrestling Federation Title Match, in an epic battle, Edge finally
decisively defeated The Ralph to unify the two titles.  Ralph seemed
dejected, as the man who Impell picked as a partner in his tag team match had
beaten him.  A fire burned in Ralph's eyes as Edge was crowned the unified

       Following this match, a stunning announcement took place.  The night
before NYR, one Brian Cunningham had defeated "Ravishing" Ryan in an
unsanctioned match to become the ETW World Champion!  And since the match was
BWF Champ vs ETW Champ, Impell's new opponent was his old nemesis, Vertigo!
And Vertigo exploded!  Perhaps he exploded too much though as Impell somehow
picked up the win with a quick roll up pin to become the undisputed champion
of the world!  The real revoultion took place earlier in the night, however,
when Commish Medusa annoucned that sicne the BWF vs ETW war was getting too
out of control, the previous owners of the respective companies, the
Impellizzeri parents and the Newman parents, approached  Medusa to sell their
companies to one man to keep both companies under control.  That new owner
was....Mr. Scott Bickel!  The owner of the BWF was now the fan, the
webmaster, the grand poobah, Scott Bickel!  Mr. Bickel unified the two
companies and immediately pointed Impell as the BWF World Champion and Eric
Edge as the BWF American Champion, and promised a fair and just BWF where no
dissidents would reign supreme.  The power once held by Impell seemed to be
all but gone, as all he had left were some SSC jokes, and his World
Championship which was basically his whole life.  Even the relationship with
his New Age Dissident partner, "The Ralph," was on shakey grounds.  Whatever
the case, this all spelled trouble for Impell, it spelled potential
vindication for "The Ralph," and it spelled the end of tyrany in the BWF,
under Mr. Scott Bickel's rule, as the huge wrestling federation headed on the
road to Wrestlemania.

        Under Mr. Bickel's ownership, the BWF prospered like it hadn't done in
quite some time. Bickel immediately signed under BWF contract, the World and
American Champions (Impell and Edge), as well as "The Ralph," Brian
Cunningham (under the guise of Senior Wolf), KC "Spitfire" Newman, as well as
a returning Justin Destructable! Also, Bickel signed a new-comer now famous
named, "Rock Man." In a disappointed debut, Rock Man lost against the
returnign Justin Destructable and showed his true colors by attacking
Destructable after the match.

        Mr. Bickel vowed to control Philly Impell and the New Age Dissidents,
no matter how difficult that may have seemed. After countless verbal
beratings and uncalled for slurs directed at Scott and his family, the owner
had had enough. Impell had made the matter personal so Mr. Bickel ordered
Impell to defend the world championship in a handicap match 2 on 1, where one
of Impell's opponents would be The Ralph. This announcement caused even more
tension between the New Age Dissidents as Ralph wanted to win the world
title. Bickel also vowed to keep the BWF fair and orderly and he did this by
having number one contender matches to determine who gets title shots. In a
triple threat match, Rock Man faced off against KC Newman, and the mighty
Ralph with the winner getting a shot at Edge's American Championship...this
match saw the Rock Man come up victorious in his first win ever. This win
also granted Rock Man the opportunity to team up with The Ralph to face
Impell in the handicap match for the world championship. Rock Man had won
two title shots with the triple threat win, and Impell's title was in serious
jeopardy because of the orders of Mr. Bickel.

        In the first match on Feb. 2, Eric Edge destroyed the Rock Man to
retain his American Championship. Rock Man had been initiated into the BWF,
and had another chance to win a title against Impell in the handicap match
with The Ralph. Impell tried countless ways to escape this match, and even
tried to convince his partner to turn down the oppurtunity to win the world
title, but Ralph wanted the belt, even if it meant beating his own partner.
At the end of the match, both The Ralph and Rock Man ended up pinning Impell
AT THE SAME TIME! Mr. Bickel had to make a tough decision and decided to
strip Impell of the belt since he was pinned by 2 people, and to hold an 8
man tournament to crown the NEW UNDISPUTED CHAMPION! In a shocking turn of
events after the match and in a fit of rage, Impell finally physically
attacked the owner and Mr. Bickel used the power vested in him and previous
warnings to FIRE Philly Impell! The New Age Dissidents were distraught and
the world title tournament would go on without Impell...or so we thought.
In the quaterfinals of the tournament, Medusa somehow got past "Senior
Wolf" in a wacky and surprise match. Also, Rock Man defeated KC Newman to
advance in a hardcore match for the ages. In the semifinals, Rock Man
defeated Medusa via a forfeit to advance to the finals! Rock Man had his
chance to win the world title. In the other quaterfinal matches, Eric Edge
was slated to meet the only person who could be considered to be more
high-flying than Edge, the man known as Justin Destructable. This rivalry
was growing for some time and Edge and Destructable would have their first
mach in the tournamen and Edge would put the American Title on the line as
well. In an absolutely amazing and dangerous match, Edge somehow got the win
and advanced to the semifinals beaten and hurt. In the fourth quaterfinal
match, The Ralph was slated to take on a mysterious bodyguard, a man who
contacted the owner through email and offered to protect Scott from an
no-good wrestlers in exchange for a spot in the tournament. Scorr ofcourse
accepted for the protection, and Ralph would have to get past this bodyguard
to attain his dream of being world champion. When this masked bodyguard
reached the ring, The Ralph, for unexplainable reasons, laid down for the
bodyguard and allowed himself to be beaten, thereby giving up his dream
saying, "This is something I have to do. Out of loyalty." The world was
shocked but the events would be explained later.

           In the second semifinal match, they mysterious Mexican masked
bodyguard defeated a weakened Eric Edge to advance to the finals to face Rock
Man. In an epic contest, Rock Man did the impossible and captured the BWF
World Championship by defeated a stunned bodyguard! The bodyguard ran off,
very shaken, as Rock Man held the belt in victory and as champion. Still,
the case of the masked bodyguard remained a mystery.

           It was agreed upon that whoever lost in the finals of the tournament
would receive an immediate rematch at whoever won the world title, the very
next week. So sure enough, the very next week, Rock Man defended his
newly-won world title against the Scott's bodyguard. Scott didn't even know
who this guy was, but it soon became clear. As the match progressed, layers
of costume started peeling off the bodyguard and the bodyguard became more
and more violent. Finally, right before the killer nothingman was delivered,
Impell demasked himself and revealed himself to be the bodyguard all along.
Rock Man finally fell to Impell and Impell recaptured the BWF World
Championship, for the third time. Since Impell had tricked and became its
champion, the owner had no choice but to rehire Impell. Bickel was outraged,
and so were the BWF fans. The Ralph had given up his dream to win the world
title in the tournament, so his "friend," Philly Impell, would be re-enstated
into the BWF. What loyalty on The Ralph's part. What betrayal on Impell's.
During this time, Eric Edge reported suffering vicious injuries at the
hands of Justin Destructable in the tournament and retaliated by attacked
Destrucable at his place of work, Annie Anne's in Oxmoore Mall. This event
led to a chain reaction of events that had Destructable and Edge, the two
highest flying wrestlers in history, at eachothers throats. However, Edge
became fed up with the owner's constant orders and decided to quit the BWF,
forfeiting the title. Upon further consideration, Edge decided to rejoin the
company and expected to be given the American Title back. However, Mr.
Bickel refused to simply give the title back to Edge and ordered a match
between Edge and Destructable with the winner being crowned the BWF American
Champion. The match would be a ladder match and it would take place at the
biggest show in BWF history...Wrestlemania 2002!

        Impell, once again the BWF Champion, immediately began verbally
assaulting Bickel and his family, and even claimed to have photographs
of one certain sister. The owner had had enough once again...this time he
challenged Impell to a match! Owner vs Champion! Not for the title, just
for pride and to shut Impell up. Rock Man also constantly ranted and raved
about how he should be the world champion. The Ralph had heard enough and
challnged Rock Man to a no holds barred match. The two matches were accepted
and the situation was volatile with Wrestlemania just around the corner.

        In a crazy, dangerous, brutal match, Ralph defeated Rock Man and
proved that The Ralph was ready for the next big step. But when would he
take that step? When owner fought champion, many thought Mr. Bickel crazy to
challenge the world's chamipon in his very first match, but Bickel had rage
on his side, and a strange ability to not be affected by any move in the
entire book of wrestling maneuvers. After a miscue between the New Age
Dissidents, The Ralph stopped Impell from smashing a chair over Scott's head.
The Ralph did not want to see his friend Phil kill his other friend Scott.
With Impell's back turned, Scott delivered the final elbow of death and
defeated his own champion! Impell could not believe it. The Ralph explained
that he would not allow Phil to cross the line. The New Age Dissidents
seemed to come to terms and even shook hands, but immediately after Ralph
turned his back, Impell smashed him a steel chair and laid a verbiage on him
like no other. Impell was sick of carrying Ralph and vowed to end Ralph just
like he made him. The New Age Dissidents had exploded and The Ralph vowed to
fulfill his dream and become champion for his fans and be the hero once more.
The match would take place at Wrestlemania, the BWF's biggest show in
the history of history. Wrestlemania 2002 would also see Eric Edge take on
Justin Destructable in a ladder match for the BWF American Championship.
During the official contract signings Ralph informed everyone that this would
be his last chance to defeat Impell, and announced that if he lost he would
retire! Impell also announced that this was his last chance...but his last
chance at immortality, and if he lost, he would also retire! With the
biggest match in wrestling history now signed, Impell once again showed his
betrayal as he put Ralph through the contract signing table using The Ralph's
own finisher. Because of this, Bickel ordered a match between Impell and
Edge one week before Wrestlmania! The match quickly turned to chaos as Ralph
interfered sending both men packing. Wrestlemania was one week away.
At the one year anniversary show of the BWF, Wrestlemania 2002, Edge
and Destructable finally went at in the ladder match. With both men
performing unbelievable stunts off the 10 foot ladder and off the top rope,
Eric Edge proved that he was the man that could defy gravity best, as he
reached to the skies and finally pulled off the official BWF American Belt,
making him once again the BWF American Champion. Perhaps Justin is not
indestructable after all.
        In the main event of the BWF, Impell and Ralph battled like no other.
Back and forth, after piledriver, and tombstone, and chokeslam, and
powerbomb, and pedigree, after both men fell in a freezing icy abyss and
dragged their bodies back to the ring, it was The Ralph that finally sealed
Impell's end by hitting him with the destroyer and winning the BWF World
Championship for the first time in his illustrious career, proving that
heroes do exist and culminating an epic journey. As Impell staggered off
into the sunset, blowing his pervierbial brains out with two raised fingers,
Ralph held the world title high, symbolizing his reign at the top of the
Basement Wrestling Federation. Good had finally prevailed.