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1.  Where am I?

Congratulations!   You have found the home of the most intense wrestling league around-the BWF!   The BWF has taken the wrestling world by storm.  The BWF cannot be described in a short blurb-you must explore the site and see matches for yourself to believe it.


2.  Who runs this site?

This site is the brainchild and masterpiece of The Webmaster.  For more information on this guy, see the "About Page" section.


2.5  Who is the Informer?

This might just be the most asked question.  The Informer is an interesting character.  He lives in a hole and comes out only to post messages to the Message Board and update the History section.  While well connected, little is known of the Informer.  He is rarely seen and no one knows the exact location of his infamous hole.  The Webmaster is not the Informer.


3.  Why is this site never updated?

Well, The Webmaster is a busy man, and he is also sadly a lazy man.  While this site is great and all, it ranks rather low on the overall list of priorities.  The News and Front pages are almost always updated before a major event.  Other sections take a bit longer.


4.  The Webmaster\This site sucks.

This isn't a question, silly.  Nonetheless, if you don't like it-don't visit!  Or you can start your page! The possibilities are endless.  If you have a valid suggestion, comment, or concern, please post it to the message board!


5.  What rules concern posting on the message board?

The message board is a great tool and source of information and entertainment.  Generally, any post that relates somehow to the BWF is fine.  Off topic posts are OK sometimes as well, as long as there are no blatant personal assaults.  What qualifies as a blatant personal assault is judged solely by the Webmaster.


6.  Does the Webmaster delete or modify posts?

The Webmaster reserves the right to delete and\or modify any post.  Generally, posts are only deleted if they contain insults of a personal nature that really don't have much to do with the BWF.  For example, a post in which Impell insults Eric Edge would be OK.   A post in which Impell does nothing but rant about (insert person outside of BWF\ETW\wrestling here) would be deleted.  Also, if you dare me to delete your post, consider it gone.  For the record, I am the final and only judge on what is deleted.   It is very rare that I delete messages, but this seems to be a rather big controversy of late so I thought I would spell out my policy.


7. You delete posts!?  Isn't this board a democracy?  You Communist!

This is a common mistake people make.  I am a dictator.  I crave power.  I will wield that power in any way I feel like.  Aside from the Informer's menial contributions, this site is entirely of my doing and I shall administer it as I please.  I welcome comments, concerns, and suggestions-but telling me to stop threatening to delete posts or whatever is a mere waste of your time.  Sorry.


8.  You seem to take this pretty seriously.  Do you have no life? 

Ha.  To respond to the first comment, the intensity and seriousness with which I compose these types of messages is partly in jest.  I think extremely serious sounding messages on a subject such as the BWF is somewhat humorous.  It might be an odd brand of humor to some, but worry you not-there's more to life than sheer intelligence and sophistication.   As to the actual question, no.  I have no life.  I'm working on that though.  I figure to have a half-life before I graduate.