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Eric Edge

Eric Edge is known World-Wide as one of the most daring competitors in professional wrestling. He became famous competing in Japan as the Extreme Kid. As the Extreme Kid, he competed in some of the most dangerous matches known around the wrestling world. He is famous for defeating his longtime tag team partner Lance Phoenix in a Barbed-Wire, Kentucky Death Match. Soon thereafter, he joined the infamous Extreme Trampoline Wrestling organization. There he became the very first ETW American Champion defeating Ravishing Ryan Fackler as the Extreme Kid. After dropping the title to the Enforcer, he shed his Extreme Kid moniker and became simply Eric Edge. He regained the American title and held that title for two and a half years. After the ETW disbanded, Eric Edge entered the world of the Basement Wrestling Federation. He quickly made an impact by challenging Philly Impell.  They had, what many consider three of the greatest matches ever seen. Eric Edge is considered the premier high-flyer of the BWF and has captured the BWF American Championship since entering the BWF. When he first arrived, Eric Edge was perhaps the most popular wrestler in the BWF, however he has changed. After his three match series with Philly Impell, they have since become close friends according to many insiders. Eric Edge was once a humble and appreciative superstar. Now he is considered an egotistical, unappreciative, no good jackass. However, no one can deny the reckless abandon that Eric Edge brings to the ring night in and night out. He may not be everyone's favorite wrestler, like he likes to claim, but he is definitely one of the best.