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radiofan00: the former champ is back
PAI226: indeed he is

radiofan00: when will the former champ reclaim his belt of glory?
PAI226: whenever he feels like it
radiofan00: i see
PAI226: actually...stunning steve is a very stunning champ
PAI226: he's stupendous
radiofan00: oh of course he is
PAI226: sipmly stupendous
radiofan00: is there any idea when the next title match might be?
PAI226: so pay your respect...nothin fan
PAI226: thats for people like the champ and me to decide
radiofan00: i see
PAI226: maybe youll be a little more enlightentened come monday at lunch
radiofan00: allrighty
radiofan00: i look forward to it
PAI226: the fan will wait til then