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Impell asks the question "Which Dissident is better?"  Everyone else asks which Dissident has a hole in his pants (and which Dissident has the better record).

Impell warns Vertigo to stay away.  Note the fear in Impell's voice.

Listen as a chant of "Hockey Mullet" raises the roof-this will soon appear as a video clip enhanced with audio.

Listen to the Breakout poem written and read by The Ralph.

A Chant of 0-2 raises the roof of the Philly Impell Wrestling Arena as Impell is introduced at the Breakout.

Uh-oh.  Listen to the reaction of the fans at the Breakout when one of the Arena walls collapses during the title match.

The State of the BWF address made at the event following the Breakout.

Listen to Philly Impell's introduction of Stunning Steve and the Duke for their Title re-match.

The Duke calls and retires as a wrestler and is then named BWF Commissioner!!

The Ralph's opening music-the Foo Fighter's "My Hero."

The Dissident's opening music-Pearl Jam's "Dissident."

The Dukes music-Charlie Daniel's Band's "The Legend of Wooly Swamp."